‘Suits’ Season 4: A Lot of Things Going to Get Shaken-Up in New Season

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"Suits" Season 3 ended on a note of separation, with Mike accepting Jonathan Sidwell's job offer. When "Suits" returns for season four, Mike will be working as an investment banker.  Harvey and Mike will be seen still interacting, as Mike's new firm is a client of Pearson & Specter.

The last scene of "Suits" Season 3 "set up the expectation that we're still gonna see plenty of interaction between Harvey and Mike ," Aaron Krosh, creator of "Suits," said to Entertainment Weekly, adding that the new dynamic may make things a little bit more fun.

"Mike was underneath Harvey in the pecking order. Now, externally, you could make the argument that Mike is equal to or above Harvey, but still their personal relationship is not that. So that's gonna be the tension moving forward," Krosh said.

Krosh also revealed that "a lot of things are gonna  get shaken-up" in season four, as it is a new chapter for the characters of "Suits."  

In "Suits" Season 3 finale, Eric Woodall targeted Mike, with the aim to bring down Harvey. He is someone who wins with nothing and it took almost four years to win his last case. Harvey and Mike were able to walk out of the Attorney's office, without a legal scratch, because Louis managed to convince Harold Gunderson to not to testify against Mike. This set-back looks like has made Woodall more resolute, as he is set to re-surface in the new season, both "through himself and through other people and ends up playing a role in season 4," according to Krosh.  

The first half of the new season will deal with the ramifications of Woodall interaction along with Harvey and Mike's business relationship. "Those two things are semi-separate and then end up merging together as the season progresses," Aaron Krosh said.

The season finale also featured the end of Harvey and Scottie's relationship.  Harvey lets go Scottie despite loving her. Aaron said to Entertainment Weekly that the writers have chosen a path, which does not have a scope for Scottie to return. 

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