‘Suits’ Season 4: Logan and Takeover Battle to Cause Rift between Mike and Rachel

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Rachel and Mike's relationship is heading towards some major conflicts in "Suits" Season 4. These two knew how to sort out their differences at the end of the episode or in the next episode. Now, it looks like, Rachel and Mike's rift, when it surfaces, will last for some time.

At the end of episode 1 of "Suits" Season 4, Rachel revealed to Mike that the married man with whom she once had a relationship with is Logan Sanders. In the upcoming episodes, Mike will be seen fighting with Harvey and Logan to stop their hostile takeover of Gillis' Industries. As an associate of Harvey, Rachel will be in Logan team. All these are not good news for Mike and Rachel's relationship.

"... that guy [Logan] used to have sex with Rachel and is working closely with Rachel -- obviously that is gonna cause a lot more sparks, and we're gonna take advantage of those sparks," said Aaron Korsh, creator of "Suits," said to Entertainment Weekly.  

"Logan has a push-pull relationship with Harvey. He's got a push-pull relationship with Rachel. He's obviously got a contentious relationship with Mike," Korsh added.

Korsh has indicated that Rachel working for Harvey is one of the potential reasons for the rift between Harvey and Mike. Also, Rachel may cause a rift between Harvey and Mike because of the position she is in as Harvey's associate.

"Rachel working for Harvey is one of several things that has the potential to cause a rift with her relationship with Mike over the season and it remains to be seen how serious that rift becomes," Korsh said to The Hollywood Reporter (THR).

If Rachel was just working for Harvey against Mike in a hostile takeover battle, things would have got tricky between Rachel and Mike, but with the addition of Logan and his history with Rachel, things are going to get more complicated. "Now, she's had sex with this guy [Logan] and was so attracted to him that she went after him while he was married. It's going to cause some trouble. This will cause stress with Mike and Harvey, as well as Logan and Mike. We're going to try to take advantage of that strife," Korsh said to THR.

Also, the episode 1 of Season 4 introduced Amy as Mike's executive secretary. These two are going to share some screen time, together and there are speculations that Amy may also disturb the equation between Mike and Rachel.

"We went back and forth on whether Amy and Mike were going to have a romantic relationship or not, or chemistry. I will let the viewers decide on what they think about that and tune in and watch to see where we landed," Korsh said. 

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