‘Suits’ Season 4: Introducing a Character Who has Everything, ‘Pride’ Puts Harvey, Mike in Conflict Zone

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The upcoming "Suits" Season 4, which is set to premiere on June 11, 2014, will see the introduction of new characters. The latest actor to join the cast-list of "Suits" is Eric Roberts.  

Roberts has been roped-in to play the character of a financier called Charles Frostman. The veteran actor has a recurring role. Frostman, a big personality and who is set to make a big impression, will be seen getting involved in the main acquisition battle of Season 4.  

The character is described as someone who has everything. "His checkbook could swing any takeover battle, but if someone wants him on their side they'll have to figure out what to give the man who has everything. With his own ideas about how the game should be played, Fortsman could knock over the whole chessboard," according to the description of the character, as reported by Access Hollywood.

As previously reported, Mike and Harvey will be at odds with each other in the initial episodes of "Suits" Season 4. This will be due to one of the acquisition deals. In a Twitter chat session, Aaron Korsh, creator of "Suits," revealed that it is "pride," that is making Harvey and Mike go at each other in Season 4.   

Meanwhile, Korsh also said that he will be very surprised if there is no Season 5 of "Suits." When asked how many seasons of "Suits" will be there, Korsh said on Twitter, "I'll guess 7 but who knows. Plus who knows when I'll get tired of it."

Korsh did not rule out the possibility of seeing Harvey's little brother, Marcus, on the show. Also, he said "most probably" when a fan asked if Daniel Hardman is coming back.

"Suits" Season 4 picks up a few months right after the ending of Season 3, which saw Mike's decision to quit Pearson & Specter and join Jonathan Sidwell's firm as an investment banker.   

The premiere episode of the new season is titled "One, Two, Three, Go."

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