‘Suits’ Season 4: Harvey Wants Mike Back in Pearson Specter in Episode 7, We’re Done [VIDEO]

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This season, Mike Ross has hit rock-bottom, and the job loss is just one of the worries. Rachel is going to add to his misery, as she is set to tell him about her and Logan's kiss. For Mike, season three was a mixed one, but it ended on a note of stability. He got a new job as an investment banker at Sidwell's company -- where the fear of his fraud getting exposed was unlikely to pop-up its head all the time -- and he and Rachel were going steady. The season four, till now, has been a bumpy ride for Mike.      

The season began with Harvey and Mike becoming opponents in a takeover battle. Mike had his moments of celebrations, without Harvey at his side. However, he made some bad moves, which has led to his current unemployed status. Harvey always watched out for Mike and Sidwell is no Harvey.

Now that Mike has lost his job, Harvey is again stepping-up as his true friend and well-wisher. In the preview clip of episode seven of "Suits" Season 4, a sombre Harvey can be seen telling Jessica, "I want to bring Mike back." As expected, Jessica does not want Mike back. She can be seen telling Harvey, "... that is not a conversation I ever want to have."

The preview clip also shows Mike sitting in front of Harvey and telling him that he does not have any idea what it is to be a fraud and to start all over. Harvey is the only person who can help Mike, as the latter is probably going to 'temporarily' shut Rachel out of his life after she tells him about the kiss.

Also in the episode seven of "Suits" Season 4, which is titled "We're Done," punches are expected to fly as Mike is going to hit Logan for trying to get close to his girlfriend and kissing her. Also, the preview of episode suggests that Mike is going to break-up with Rachel.


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