‘Suits’ Season 4: Harvey, Mike on Opposite Sides of an Important Case

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"Suits" Season 3 wrapped-up with Mike accepting Jonathan Sidwell's job offer. When "Suits" returns, with new episodes of a new season, Mike will be seen working as an investment banker. This change of job is going to change the dynamics of Mike and Harvey's relationship.

Harvey and Mike will be working for different firms but they will still be interacting, as Mike's firm is a client of Harvey's firm. Harvey will be working for Mike.  Patrick J Adams, who plays Mike, said to TV Fanatic, that this "creates a whole new dynamics that Mike will be telling Harvey what to do and how to do it. As you can imagine Harvey doesn't like too much."

Revealing more details about the upcoming season, Adams said that Mike quitting Pearson & Specter has accomplished "a little bit of a time jump. We pick up and we see him at work with his company, and he and Harvey sort of finding themselves on opposite sides of a very important case."

Adams said that Mike and Harvey will pick different directions, which will cause a rift between these two former mentor and protégée. "Mike's choosing to go one way with it [the important case], Harvey's deciding to go another, so a little bit of a tete-a-tete and I think they're doing some really exciting stuff this season," Adams said to TV Fanatic.

The actor said there will be a shift in the kind of conversation Harvey and Mike will have in Season 4.  Harvey and Mike will have a "new interaction that I think people haven't really seen since season 1," Adams said.

As previously reported, Mike will be seen wearing a three-piece suit for the first time. He will have his own executive secretary and a group of new colleagues. There will be some hiccups in Mike and Rachel's relationship. Rachel will be seen going to law school as well as working at Pearson & Specter.

"Suits" is set to return for Season 4 on June 11, 2014. The cast and crew are currently filming this season in Toronto, Canada. 

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