‘Suits’ Season 4 Episode 8 Spoilers: Mike, Rachel to Work Closely in Exposure [VIDEO]

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"We're Done," episode 7 of "Suits" Season 4, saw Louis stopping Mike from taking-up Charles Forstman's job offer, and also he used his reward card to get Mike back in Pearson & Specter. The episode 8, which is titled "Exposure," will feature the return of Mike to his old firm.  In addition to, dealing with the fear of his fraud getting exposed, Mike will also have to deal with Rachel presence in the firm as Harvey's associate.

In the previous episode, Mike was seen packing to spend some time away from Rachel. He was unable to forgive Rachel for kissing Logan. Rachel told him about the kiss when Mike was sounding positive about getting his life back on the track. He believed that he may have lost everything, but he still has Rachel in his life and he wants to spend his life with her. The revelation about the kiss broke his trust and also wiped-out his new hope. If it was not for Louis's timely intervention, Mike would have joined 'devil' Forstman's company.     

The preview clip shows a glimpse of Harvey telling Mike, "it's good to have you back where you are." Louis calls him the "prodigal son," while Donna welcomes him home. Jessica, however, wants to know from Mike why did he come back. And, Rachel tells him that if he is working with Harvey, he will have to work with her, too. Mike can be seen reminding Rachel that he needed some space. According to the synopsis of "Exposure," Mike and Rachel are going to "work closely with one another." This may lead to the breaking of the wall between the two.     

The text of the preview says, "The team's back, together. But, for how long? If Mike is back in the firm, Cahill will come knocking, as well. The preview clip indicates that Cahill comes with a search warrant. Jessica can be seen telling Harvey, "this whole witch-hunt is about Mike Ross."Also at the end of the preview, Mike can be seen saying to Harvey, "I think we've a problem."

Also, the new episode will feature Louis's attempts to hide the evidence, as a result of the document that Forstman made him sign-on to complete Logan's takeover of Gillis' industries.  

Official Synopsis of "Suits" Season 4 Episode 8 "Exposure":

"Mike and Rachel work closely with one another while Jessica and Harvey try to outmanoeuvre Sean Cahill. Elsewhere, Louis tries to hide evidence for the sake of his career."

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