Suits Season 4 Episode 6 Spoilers: Mike Presents a New Deal to Harvey in Litt the Hell Up [VIDEO]

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The episode 6 of "Suits" Season 4 is likely to see the confluence of the two major conflicts of this season -- SEC and the takeover battle. In the upcoming episode, which is titled "Litt the Hell Up," Logan Sanders will be summoned for questioning at SEC.

In the previous episode, Sean Cahill accused Harvey and Mike of colluding on the takeover deal after he saw them having dinner, together, at a steak-house. This bringing of Logan to SEC for questioning is likely to be because of that and also because Jessica used a shell company account to buy a company's shares in Gillis' industries to enable the takeover. It can be expected that Cahill will use all legal tactics to make Logan cough-up something against Harvey and his firm.

"... Jessica and Harvey have to concoct a way to buy this stock without buying it on Logan's behalf -- and that's not colluding with Mike, but it's doing something illegal," Aaron Korsh, creator of "Suits," said to Entertainment Weekly.

He also said that there is now someone who is going to look at them, adding that "it just throws a big kink into the battle and can change who's got the upper hand."

"So the investigation and the takeover battle are starting to affect each other going forward," Korsh added.

The synopsis of the episode suggests that Logan being taken to SEC will make Harvey to wrap-up the take-over battle, as quickly as possible. This may result in another round of negotiation between Mike, Harvey and Logan.

Also in the preview clip of "Litt the Hell Up," Mike can be seen presenting a new deal to Harvey. He can be seen telling him, "here is the new deal, don't buy me up, I'll buy you up."

Forstman is likely to play a key role in this whole new deal, as the previous episode he shook hands with Mike's boss Sidwell when Mike was finding ways to not use his money to win the takeover battle.

Speaking about Forstman's role, , "He's involved moving forward, no doubt about it. He complicates Mike's life, and Harvey's life, in fun ways."

As Mike will continue to "hardball," Louis will take the onus on him to fix things and make a name for himself, according to the synopsis. The synopsis also hints at some close moment between, perhaps a kiss, between Logan and Rachel, as Rachel will be dealing with the consequences of a moment of weakness.

"... I'll say that [the new episode] is a big episode. If we took a little break in 5 -- which maybe people will think that we did, and maybe they won't -- 6 is a major episode," Korsh said.

Official Synopsis of "Suits" Season 4 Episode 6, "Litt the Hell Up":

"When SEAN CAHILL brings Pearson Specter client LOGAN SANDERS in to the SEC for questioning, HARVEY tries to put an end to the Gillis Industries takeover. But when MIKE continues to play hardball, LOUIS sees an opportunity to make a name for himself by saving the day. Meanwhile, RACHEL must contend with the fallout of a moment of weakness."


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