‘Suits’ Season 4 Episode 5 Spoilers: Rachel Hospitalised, Louis Announces Retirement in Pound of Flesh [VIDEO]

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For Mike, "Suits" Season 4 has yet to bring something to really cheer about, as his wins have not been clean wins. The upcoming episode 5, which is titled "Pound of Flesh," will further test him. Rachel will be admitted to hospital and on top of that Mike will also find out about his new partner's ruthlessness. Louis, too, did not have something to celebrate, except getting the corner office thanks to Donna's intervention. Mike gave him a tough time in the previous episode, as a result Louis ended up disappointing Harvey twice. Because of that or because of some other reason, Louis is going to announce his retirement in Episode 5 of "Suits" Season 4.

In "Leveraged," Mike shook hands with Harvey's enemy, Charles Forstman, to escape imminent firing from Jonathan Sidwell's firm. Harvey warned Mike that he is making a deal with a wrong man to get investment for Gillis' industries. As Mike did not see any other option, he went ahead and gave the contract to Forstman. He also agreed to completely cut Sidwell from the whole deal. The synopsis of episode 5 suggests that Mike is going to find out that Harvey was right.

The episode 4 also had Rachel and Logan's scenes. These two were on the verge of kissing. Rachel came out of the mutual attraction moment, realising what she was doing and stopped Logan. The new episode, according to the synopsis, will show the growing attraction between Rachel and Logan. Rachel will be landing in the hospital, as she becomes "increasingly" anxious because of work, school and Logan. In the preview clip, Amy can be seen informing Mike, "Columbia University called. Rachel has been taken to the hospital."

Meanwhile, the preview clip also drops another bombshell. Louis can be seen saying, "I'm retiring." In addition to that, fans can also see Donna and Louis's bonding, as he will be helping her prepare for a major role. According to the synopsis, Donna will be seen doing the pep-talk, asking Louis to face his fears.   

Official Synopsis of "Suits" Season 4 Episode 5 "Pound of Flesh": "Rachel becomes increasingly anxious about work, school, and the growing attraction between herself and Pearson Specter client Logan Sanders. Meanwhile, Louis helps Donna prepare for a major role while she encourages him to face his fear. Harvey and Mike agree to a ceasefire, but Sam accuses him of collusion and Mike learns how ruthless his new partner can be."


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