'Suits' Season 4, Episode 5 Spoilers: Mike vs Harvey Still On, Rachel Zane in Trouble [Watch Suits 4x5 Promo Video]

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"Suits" Season 4, Episode 5, airs on USA Network on July 16. This week's new episode, titled "Pound of Flesh," continues to shake things up between Pearson Specter and Sidwell Investment Group. Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) still aims to beat Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), but they might have to slow down as Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) finds herself in trouble.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers on Suits Season 4, Episode 5, and the previous episodes. Read at your own risk.

In the Suits 4x5 promo video, Amy (Melanie Papalia) tells Mike that Columbia University has called to inform him that Rachel has been hospitalised. Amy is Mike's own "Donna" at Sidwell Investment. Suits Season 4, Episode 5 is expected to explore Rachel's psyche amid work stress and sexual tension with Logan Sanders (Brendan Hines).

How will things go down with Mike and Harvey in their new dynamic as client and counsel? Will Suits Season 4 see the break-up of Mike and Rachel because of Logan Sanders?

For those who have not watched Suits Season 4 since it premiered on USA on June 11, here is a quick catch-up with the characters:

Mike Ross has switched from lawyering to investment banking since Suits Season 4, Episode 1. Things have not been working out for him, and Rachel has been seeing how dark he can be when he is pushed or stressed.

Rachel Zane is Harvey Specter's new associate, and as such, she is forced to deal with a man from her past, Logan Sanders. A flashback scene in Suits Season 4 reveals Rachel's previous encounter with Logan's wife.

Mike knows of Rachel's past affair with Logan, who happens to be Harvey's client. Things have gotten personal between Mike and Logan, leaving Harvey in a very tricky position. Harvey, meanwhile, protects Mike's back as much as he can. He has been a proud mentor since Suits Season 4, Episode 1, but he wouldn't admit it.

Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) has a rather delicate relationship with the firm's new partner, former SEC prosecutor Jeff Malone (D.B. Woodside of "24").

Donna (Sarah Rafferty) is still awesome as ever, but she worries that this whole new dynamic between Mike and Harvey would end badly for both of them. She steps in when intervention is needed, as usual.

Mike upsets Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) in Suits Season 4, Episode 4, and the latter feels so Litt down, so to speak. Mike's mean call comes after Litt fails to get a partner's seat again. He announces in the Suits 4x5 promo video he is retiring. What happens next?

WATCH: Suits 4x5 Promo Video | USA Network Clip on YouTube

Suits Season 4, Episode 5, airs July 16 on USA. The next new episode, "Litt the Hell Up," airs July 23, reports TV.com.

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