'Suits' Season 4, Episode 4 Spoilers: Mike Ross vs Harvey Specter and Everyone Else [Watch Promo Video]

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"Suits" Season 4, Episode 4 airs July 9 on USA Network. Titled "Leveraged," the promo video suggests Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) continues to go against Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) in a takeover bid. In this week's new episode, it seems it is Mike Ross vs Everyone.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers on Suits Season 4. Read at your own risk.

In the Suits 4x4 promo video, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) vs Mike Ross is on first. Mike's own "Donna," Amy (Melanie Papalia), witnesses the heated confrontation about a betrayal. Donna is clearly unhappy, which means there is serious trouble at Pearson Specter and in the lives of both Mike and Harvey.

"It just seems that all that matters to you is winning," Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) tells Mike in the next sequence of the Suits Season 4, Episode 4 promo video.

"You don't care about what it does to your friends," Rachel adds. Cut to Harvey Specter looking very upset. The bromance between Mike and Harvey has been going through a rough patch, but it seems the worst has yet to happen in Suits Season 4.

Next up in the Suits 4x4 promo clip: Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) also accuses Mike of a betrayal. This could be another level of betrayal, as opposed to something personal that Donna takes personally.

"Tell me right now you wouldn't do the same thing if you were in my position," Mike Ross tells Harvey Specter. He later yells at his mentor, saying he has "no other choice." It seems Mike is in big trouble, and he is putting everyone in a big mess.

WATCH: Suits Season 4, Episode 4, aka Leveraged (USA Promo Video on YouTube)

Suits Season 4 premiered on USA on June 11. Episode 5, titled "Pound of Flesh," airs July 16. Now that Mike Ross is no longer at Pearson Specter, he is facing new challenges and things, as always, are never easy. It remains to be seen whether Mike would be forgiven by everyone he seems to have seriously upset in Suits 4x4.

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