‘Suits’ Season 4 Episode 11 Spoilers: Louis Knowing About Mike’s Truth Likely To Affect Jessica, Malone’s Relationship

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"Suits" Season 4 is currently on a break after delivering one of the most explosive final moments of the show in episode 10, "This is Rome." USA Network has not yet announced the return date, but Aaron Korsh, creator of "Suits," has spilled some spoilers about what to expect in the upcoming episode 11.

Episode 10 wrapped-up with Louis finally figuring out that Mike never went to Harvard. He felt betrayed by Donna, as she knew the truth from the beginning and in the past, she had stopped him from finding about Mike's fraud. The final moments of the episode saw Louis screaming at Jessica, pointing out that she forgave Harvey for hiring a fraud but she never ever ignored his mistakes. Jessica refused to apologise and wanted to know what Louis want, as she saw that Louis has no plans to call the cops. Louis said that he wants his name on the wall -- Pearson Specter Litt.

 Finally, Harvey is set to see the consequences of hiring Mike. Louis is not going to go easy on him. Jessica and Malone's relationship is also going to get affected because of Louis knowing the truth, according to TV Guide.  

"Jessica and Malone in [Episode] 11 will be dealing with the consequences of that professionally first and foremost, which will affect their relationship in the future. It's a big toll," Korsh said to TV Guide.

In episode 9, after Louis found out that Jessica and Malone, the former SEC man, are in a relationship, he sought out Malone's help to convince Jessica not to fire him. Jessica, however, did not budge from her decision. TV Guide reports that Malone still remembers that Louis asked his help.

"That plays heavily into how Malone reacts and what he wants to do," Korsh said to TV Guide. In an earlier interview, Korsh said that when "Suits" returns, with remaining six episodes, it will deal with the problem head-on.  

USA Network has renewed "Suits" for Season 5. "Suits" Season 4 returns this winter.

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