'Suits' Season 4, Episode 10: 'This is Rome' Review; Spoilers and Cliffhanger Questions [Watch Promo Video]

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"Suits" Season 4, Episode 10 ("This is Rome") aired Wednesday, Aug. 21 on USA. Rick Hoffman brings his A-game. Gina Torres and Sarah Rafferty are spectacular in their massive but swift moments, too. Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adams play the lead characters; but in this episode, they are the supporting actors. Even Amanda Schull gets a winning moment ahead of Macht and Adams in the ranking. What happens next?

Spoiler alert: This review recaps the highlights of Suits Season 4, Episode 10. The shocking ending is best seen unprepared. Read at your own risk.

"You're supposed to end on something that was inevitable, yet you didn't see it coming. We were shooting for that here," said Suits executive producer Aaron Korsh. He described Suits Season 4, Episode 10 to TV Guide, adding he hoped the viewers were satisfied and surprised.

Based on some reactions on Twitter alone, Korsh and team scored a bullseye - pretty much like what happens to Donna (Sarah Rafferty) when she's firing a gun in a shooting range. (Read some of the quick reviews of Suits 4x10 on Twitter below.)

Suits Season 4, Episode 10 ('This is Rome') Recap of Highlights

In Suits 4x10, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) refuses to give Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) any of his clients at Pearson Specter. Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) tries three times to give Louis a job. He tries a third time - offers Rachel's dad Robert Zane one credit in the favour bank - even after Louis has deliberately tried to steal a client, VersaLife.

Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) drops by at Louis' place to comfort the man. Unguarded there, Mike demonstrates ignorance of the Coif key that top Harvard graduates get as part of their induction into The Order of the Coif. This is how Louis figures out, in Suits Season 4, Episode 10, that everyone -- including Donna -- has lied to him for years about Mike Ross.

Mike graduated Magna Cum Laude, Louis angrily reminds Donna in Suits 4x10. Even as Donna tries to tell Louis that Mike just forgot about the key, her nuances show defeat. That swift moment when Donna speed-dials Jessica - shaking, crying, helpless -- is a remarkable Sarah Rafferty moment.

Even in a stress-riddled moment, Gina Torres gets a subtle nod for her "second captain" role in "Firefly." Between the leader who makes the toughest choices and the man who has been desperately trying to get a win, some of the finest moments in USA's Suits were born. This is a must-watch confrontation in Suits Season 4, Episode 10.

"Pearson. Specter. Litt." Rick Hoffman delivers these three names brilliantly at the end of Suits 4x10. Like a modern gladiator. Like a winning moment in a Roman battle. All of the times Jessica has played Louis since Season 1 has come back to her in this powerfully Litt Up moment.

Never-before-seen Louis Litt!

Suits Season 4 finale hasn't aired, but the summer finale rocks like a season closer!

Is Suits Season 4, Episode 10 ('This is Rome') in your Top 5 Favourite Episodes?

Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris), Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), and Walter Gillis (Michael Gross) - all three of whom have been amazing in their respective guest storylines at Suits in various seasons - are all present in Suits 4x10.

WATCH: Suits Season 4, Episode 10 ('This is Rome') Promo Video (USA on YouTube)

Suits Season 4 Summer Finale Questions in Cliffhanger

What happens next? Does Litt become a partner, finally? Does Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) get to stay at the firm as a reward for her loyalty (or smart but risky gameplay)? Suits Season 4, Episode 10 is a wonderfully crafted episode, written by Chris Downey and directed by Roger Kumble.

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