Suits Season 4 Episode 02 Recap: Donna Shares Her Bitter Memory with Louis in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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There cannot be two winners in a fight and when the competitors are an equal match, it is going to be a prolonged battle. There are comebacks and winning of rounds before the finale, as one is discovering while watching Harvey and Mike's takeover battle. Mike is staring at defeat but he rises to win a round in the Episode 2 of "Suits" Season 4. The best part of this episode was Louis and Donna's scenes and their bonding, and not the takeover battle.

Here is the Recap of "Suits" Season 4 Episode 02, "Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner":

The episode opens with Rachel finding Mike up, quite early in the morning. He was awake because of Logan Sanders' issue. He has come to a conclusion that it should not affect his and Rachel's relationship, as Logan and the takeover battle are work and Rachel and he are not. They decide to set some ground rules, which include respecting each other's privacy. The early morning conversation ends with Mike and Rachel's intimate kiss.

At Pearson & Specter, Louis is rehearsing for a presentation (consisting of photoshopped pictures of Malone and him), which has him taking on Jeff Malone in different mighty poses, in front of his chair, addressing it as Jessica. He is getting ready to pitch how he plans to beat SEC and Malone, and in exchange he wants his name on the wall. Katherine arrives to tell him that Malone has arrived.

The shock, disappointment and dejection are clearly visible on Louis's face when Jessica introduces Malone as the firm's newest senior partner. She tells Louis they brought in Malone because they have every reason to believe SEC is coming after the firm. Louis imagines Jessica calling him a loser and that he sucks. Also, he imagines her telling him that he can never be the name partner. Jessica wants Louis to update Malone on Fulton Securities' case. Malone is looking forward to working with Louis, while the latter is all lost and completely disheartened. Louis later dumps the presentation in a trash can. Shorty afterwards, he sees Jessica giving Malone the much coveted corner office. It is Katherine's Louis-kind-of-pep-talk that makes Louis shake-off his morose, defeated mood. He decides to snub Malone rather than speed him up on Fulton Securities' case.

Meanwhile, Donna finds out from Rachel that she had an affair with Logan Sanders. Rachel is not sure about how to tell that to Harvey. Donna tells her to tell Harvey and not wonder about how to tell, as Harvey does not like things being kept from him. There is a flashback of Logan and Rachel kissing, after Logan tells her that he cannot stop thinking about her and that he does not care if someone finds out.

Rachel finds Logan in Harvey's office. Harvey is not there. He is surprised to see Rachel and he does not want her to tell Harvey about their past relationship. Logan doesn't want to be judged because of what he did in his past and he is no longer the same person. Rachel reveals to him that she is in a relationship with the person who is on the other side of the takeover battle, and thus it is important that Harvey knows that she and Logan were in a relationship.

Outside of the office, Mike serves Harvey a subpoena, saying that he is filing a temporary restraining order to stop Harvey and Logan's tender offer for the hostile takeover of Gillis' Industries. Harvey arrives at his office and Rachel reveals to him about her and Logan's relationship. Logan is angry at Harvey for not telling that Mike Ross was his former associate. Harvey does not care about the past relationship and he tells Logan, he was all set to tell him about Mike and his association but Logan arrived at his office earlier than expected. Harvey has to reach the court and he plans to confuse the judge to stop Mike from getting the TRO. The confusion tactics, however, do not work.

Back at the office, Louis refuses to work with Malone. Malone sees Louis as a guy who wants to mark his territory. Malone is not someone to back-out. At the disposition of Todd Smith, Louis and Malone are interrupting each other more than questioning the person in front of them. Todd does not see that Louis and Malone are indulging in a game of one-upmanship, but feels that they are trying to rattle him. This makes Louis and Malone team-up to scare Todd so that he tells the truth. The truth turns out to be the mistake caused by Todd's sweaty hands, as he hit the wrong stock because of that.

Louis, however, is not willing to stand-up for Todd. He tells Malone everyone will find Todd's story ridiculous. When Malone says, it is their duty to make everyone believe that, Louis refuses to do that, saying Todd is not his client. Donna is listening to the conversation that is taking place between Louis and Malone.

Afterwards, Donna visits Louis at his office and reminds him about the number of times he had fought for someone like Todd. Also, she shows him one of the charts of the dumped presentation, which has Pearson-Specter-Litt written on it. Louis tells her about what happened and how he was set to make a pitch to take down SEC and Malone. Donna sits down and tells him about a time when she was an understudy in a play and she had wished that the actress playing the role meet with some accident. The actress' father had a heart-attack and Donna has never forgiven herself for wishing harm on someone because of her jealousy. Louis gets the point.    

Meanwhile, Mike and Logan meet inside the bathroom and their conversation while washing their hands make them realise the other person's identity. They arrive at Harvey's organised meeting, together. Logan and Harvey put the offer of $20 million on the table. Before agreeing to the offer, Mike wants to know what Logan plans to do with Gillis' company. Logan plans to break it into parts and sell the parts. Mike refuses the offer. Logan increases the offer to $30 million. Mike tells him that he is not going to agree because of the promise he made to Walter Gillis -- to fight to keep his company alive. Mike points out that Logan is not used to hearing no and he gets want he wants, but that is going to stop now. The meeting does not end on a good note. But, Harvey gets an idea on how to go for the kill. He meets up with the head of union at Gillis' company and offers to fully fund the pension the day they takeover.

At home, Rachel is not happy to know that Mike did not take Logan's offer. She wants to see the last of Logan as soon as possible. At Mike's office, Jonathan Sidwell informs Mike about Harvey's deal with the head of union, and that if Gillis does not match the offer, they are done.  He is also not happy to know that Mike refused $30 million. He tells Mike to bring that money or lose his job. Afterwards when he meets Harvey, Mike gets to know that the offer of $30 million is gone, as well.

Jessica finds Harvey in a pensive mood. He tells her that Mike is going down and he does not sound happy about it. Jessica reminds him to be who he is and let Mike fight from the position of who he is. Mike has given-up and is thinking of packing-up, but Amy's mocking words make him get-up and meet Gillis. He convinces him to fund the pension.

Donna meets Jessica and tells her about how Louis had foreseen that SEC is coming after the firm, and he was planning to take down Malone and he was also hoping to see his name on the wall. She tells Jessica to give Louis the corner office and give him back his dignity. Donna also correctly guesses that Jessica is sleeping with Malone. Jessica corrects her that she is no longer in a relationship with him.

Malone, however, does not think so. He is still wooing Jessica and sees all her moves to snub his personal advances, as signs of hope. Jessica gives Louis the corner office, while Malone becomes Jessica's neighbour.       

At Louis's new corner office, Donna arrives with a gift. It is a photo-frame, which has a photo of hers from the play. She says to him that bitter memory become bitter sweet when it is shared with a friend. Louis is overwhelmed and when she leaves, he picks the photo-frame from the wall and keeps it on his table.  He seems to have a smitten look.

Mike arrives at his old firm to tell Harvey that Gillis has funded the pension fund and thus the takeover battle is still on. Harvey tells Mike that he has just won the first round. Mike reminds him about how Mike Tyson was knocked out after a string of 40 sec victories. Harvey tells Mike that no one remembers Douglas. Mike points out that it does not matter, as no one can take away his title. Harvey has a smile on his face after Mike leaves.

It is late and Rachel and Mike leave the firm, together. 

Did the episode feature the beginning of something special between Louis and Donna? It will be real fun to see him in a relationship. 

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