‘Suits’ Season 3: Top Ten Spoilers of Second Instalment; Love a Major Theme

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It has been a long wait for "Suits" fans, as the Season 3 mid-season finale aired long time back in September. The new episode of the season is scheduled to air on March 06, 2014.

In the mid-season finale, "Stay," Rachel decided to not accept Stanford's law school admission offer.  Harvey asked Scottie to stay in his life and also offered a job at his firm, Pearson & Specter. Louis did not find Mike's file in Sheila's Harvard Cabinet.   

The focus of the upcoming six episodes will centre on Mike's Harvard Law School life. Here are the top ten spoilers of "Suits" Season 3 Second Instalment:

1.      Episode 11 will feature Michael Phelps as himself. When Harvey fails to bag this high-profile client, Scottie will take-up the responsibility of convincing Phelps.

2.      Scottie might succeed in convincing Phelps, but it will be difficult to convince Jessica that Harvey did the right thing by hiring Scottie.

3.      Harvey gave Scottie the job offer, without informing Jessica. This will not please Jessica. She and Harvey will discuss how they intend to run their firm, together.  

4.      This is the first time that Harvey will be in a serious relationship. He will find himself in a new situation, balancing his person and professional relationship with Scottie.

5.      The life of one of the characters will be in danger in an upcoming episode, which will make all the characters come together.

6.      Louis will dig deeper to find why Mike lied about going to Harvard Law School.

7.      Harvey and Mike will deal with the consequences of the fraud throughout the last six episodes.

8.      The ramifications of the fraud will not be limited to just Mike and Harvey, but each character of "Suits" will have to face the consequences when the truth is out of the bag.

9.      Gabriel Macht's father has been roped in to guest star in one of the six episodes. He will portray the role of ethics professor at Harvard.

10.    Macht said at USA TCA Press Tour, as quoted by Buddy TV, "I think that that idea of love, it is a major theme."

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