‘Suits’ Season 3 Teasers: Donna and Louis Litt on Rewind [VIDEOS]

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For "Suits" promotion, USA Network is on a teaser releasing spree, but there is a catch here. The teasers do not provide a glimpse of the new episodes or have new scenes. The old scenes are packaged in attractive, smart teasers, helping fans tide over through the long break time.

Donna Centric Teaser:


Donna, the lady with the name and the title in one, is one of the most loved characters in "Suits." She is Harvey's confidante cum legal secretary, but adds oodles of charm to the USA Network's original legal series drama. Sarah Rafferty's Donna never fails to entertain.    

In the first instalment of Season 3, Donna met Stephen Huntley, who was promoted as the British version of Harvey Specter. Donna and Huntley hit-it off instantly, but the steamy affair came to an end on a rather ugly note. Huntley turned out to be a murderer in the disguise of a witty charmer. Now that Harvey and Scottie are together, one can expect to see Harvey-Donna's relationship also going through some change. The upcoming six episodes will deal with the ramifications of Mike's fraud, and Donna is going to be in the thick of things when Louis exposes the truth.

Louis Centric Teaser:


Harvey and Mike began Season 3 on an estranged note, thanks to Mike's betrayal. When Harvey had washed his hands off Mike, Louis was eager to make Mike a part of Litt team and he had almost succeeded. The quirky man was set to celebrate the new Litt team, but Harvey and Mike patched-up. Now, Louis will be behind Mike to find evidence against him. In episode 10, "Stay," he did not find Mike's file in Sheila's Harvard cabinet, which has made him suspicious about Mike's law education. The upcoming episodes might show Louis acting as a true Litt to dig-up the History of Mike and expose him.         

"Suits"will return on March 06, 2014, with episode 11, to complete its 16-episode Season 3 run. In the upcoming episode, multiple-Olympic-medals winner, Michael Phelps, will appear as himself. 

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