‘Suits’ Season 3 Spoilers: Return Date, Watch Donna and Louis with Apolo Ohno [VIDEO]

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"Suit" will return after the 2014 Winter Olympics gets over. It is set to return on March 06, 2014, with final six episodes of Season 3. The remaining six episodes of the current season will deal with the consequences of Mike's law education fraud. According to reports, Mike's lie is likely to have ramifications on each character of "Suits."

As previously reported, multiple-medals winning Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, will guest-star as himself in the upcoming episode. When Harvey fails to convince Phelps to become a client of Pearson & Specter, Scottie will be seen in action, trying to convince him. Talking about why they chose Phelps to guest star, Aaron Krosh said on Twitter, "He's a fan, good fit, worked out well..." Krosh was answering questions of "Suits" fans on Twitter.

USA Network has released a new clip for fans of "Suits" to tide them over till the new episode airs. This new clip features another Olympic champion, Apolo Ohno, a short-track, speed skating champion. He is said to be one of the most decorated American Winter Olympic athlete of all time.


In the clip, Donna and Ohno are waiting for Louis. The man arrives wearing a skin-tight, speed skating bodysuit. It is Louis' way of showing that at Pearson & Specter, they go the "extra mile" for their clients. Ohno does not seem to be impressed with Louis' extra mile effort. In the clip, one can see Ohno say, "you really shouldn't have" and making a face. This Olympic champion does have the acting chops.

When "Suits" returns, Louis will be busy trying to find Mike's truth. In episode 10 of "Suits" Season 3, "Stay," Louis did not find Mike's file in Sheila's Harvard cabinet. The missing file has made Louis suspicious about Mike's law education background.

Also in "Stay," Harvey offered Scottie a job at his law firm, without checking with Jessica first. Jessica will not be pleased about Scottie joining the firm. Jessica and Harvey are likely to have a discussion on how they plan to run their firm, together. Also, Harvey will be seen trying to balance his personal and professional lives, as he not only offered Scottie a job but also asked her to stay in his life.

Krosh indicated that in "Suits" Season 3 finale, there will be a Jessica and Donna's scene. He said on Twitter, "Two of just them in finale plus others.."

"Suits" has been renewed for Season 4. According Krosh, the break between Season 3 and Season 4 will be shorter.

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