‘Suits’ Season 3 Spoilers: How will Donna React Seeing Scottie in Harvey’s Life?


"Suits" Season 3 finally returns on March 06, 2014, with episode 11. In the mid-season finale, "Stay," Harvey had asked Scottie to stay in his life. He also had offered her a job at his firm Pearson & Specter. In the upcoming, final six episodes, Harvey will be seen balancing his personal relationship and professional equation with Scottie. Donna has been one of the constants in Harvey's life for a long time and it will be interesting to see her reaction to Harvey's relationship status and him trying to do the balancing act.

In an interview with TV Fanatic, Sarah Rafferty, who plays Donna, said that her character will be "hundred percent supportive." The actress added: "Donna's on the 'Let's make Harvey successful in every realm of his life,' so she's not only interested in his professional life. She wants him to finally have a fulfilling relationship."

According to Sarah, Harvey has never been good at winning when it comes to his relationships. The actress said that Donna will be "fully on board and doing everything in her power to help him [Harvey]."

Sarah said that Donna, the legal secretary cum confidante of Harvey, thinks that she is not in love with Harvey, and thus she can have such an adult approach.

Rick Hoffman, who plays Louis, dropped a hint that in the new episodes, "there is some interesting new stuff for Louis with Scottie." He did not elaborate on that, but added that "there is definitely some interesting lawyering going on between the two of them."

Sarah said that Donna's love life doesn't "pop-back-up." She calls her character "incredibly resilient." The actress said, Donna "just back at work and back to tending the home fires at Pearson and Specter and she has a lot of work in these next six in terms of needing to circle the wagons."

The upcoming six episodes will focus on Mike's fraud. In "Stay," Louis did not find his file in Sheila's Harvard cabinet, which has made him suspicious about Mike's law education. The episode 11 is titled "Buried Secrets."

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