‘Suits’ Season 3: Return of Pearson-Specter Team [VIDEO]

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It is almost time for the suave legal men to come back on T.V. screens. The first ten episodes of "Suits" Season 3 were about Harvey Specter getting his name on the wall. The season began on a note of Harvey teaming-up with Edward Darby to bring down Jessica. Harvey plotted a coup against his mentor because Jessica refused to put his name on the firm's wall, and she signed a merger agreement with Darby.

The first instalment of "Suits" Season 3 showed Harvey coming to terms with Jessica's snub and Mike's betrayal, and his relationship with these two strengthened over the course of ten episodes. To get back Harvey by her side, Jessica put his name on the wall, Pearson-Darby-Specter. Darby exited the firm because of his deal with Jessica to save Ava Hessington, and the firm's name changed to Pearson-Specter, the way Harvey wanted at the end of Season 2.


It is a new beginning for the firm. When "Suits" returns, the firm will be welcoming a new employee, Scottie. In episode 10 of this season, "Stay," Harvey offered Scottie a job, without consulting with Jessica. This is something that will not please the Pearson of the firm.

The episode 11 will feature a talk between Jessica and Harvey on how they intend to run the firm, together. "Suits" Season 3 is scheduled to return on Thursday, March 06, 2014 for its second instalment. The remaining six episodes of this season will deal with the danger of Louis exposing Mike; and the ramifications when Louis blows the lid off Mike's fraud.

The guys at Pearson-Specter love to win, and they have made it a habit. The new promo released by USA Network says, "... when the going gets tough, the tough gets these guys [Harvey, Mike and Louis]."

It will be interesting to watch Harvey and Mike deal with Louis and his threat to expose them. In addition to that, Harvey will be in a serious relationship for the first time. In "Stay," Harvey had asked Scottie to stay in his life. He will be seen trying to adjust to this new development in his life.

As previously reported, in the upcoming episode, Michael Phelp will be appearing as himself. He might be Scottie's first big client win while working for Pearson-Specter.

"Suits" team are returning to show their A game to win.

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