“Suits” Season 3 RECAP Episode 15, ‘Know When to Fold Em’: Harvey is Upset [Spoilers]

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Harvey and Mike's association is like a love relationship. It has respect and trust and also they admire and care about each other. The poker-faced Harvey may not say it in words, but he values Mike and sees him as a permanent ally. "Know When to Fold Em," Episode 15 of "Suits" Season 3, features an upset Harvey because Mike wants to take up the new job offer.  Mike has also become the reason why Scottie continues to be upset with Harvey, as Harvey cannot tell her the truth about Mike.

Mike and Harvey are like an accomplice, and in this episode, they have committed another fraud. Here is the RECAP of "Suits" Season 3 Episode 15 "Know When to Fold Em":

Louis is showing all the symptoms of a heart-broken-man, after his break-up with Sheila. He is unshaven and does not want to go to the office, or talk to anyone, except to a doc on phone. When Katrina calls-up, he asks her to cover everything for him. He is not sure when he will return to work.

Louis and Sheila's relationship chapter is closed, but Harvey and Scottie's relationship status can be best described as an on and off relationship. Harvey is waiting outside the firm's building for Scottie to arrive. She did not pick-up his calls, and thus he comes with this bold gesture. Harvey says sorry to Scottie, but he still does not tell her the reason why he made her give back a client's case to Louis. Scottie does let it go and the two are back to being a happy couple. Scottie wants to know where Harvey is taking her for a date, but Harvey reveals that he has plans to take Mike to a client's IPO.

The third relationship of "Suits" stands on a firm ground. Mike tells Rachel about the new job, as an investment banker. Rachel does not say what decision Mike should make, but tells him that she loves him and what he wants to do is what she wants him to do.  The problem is Mike is not sure what he wants to do.  

James Kwelling arrives at the firm, threatening to spoil Harvey's client IPO party.  He accuses Harvey's client of using synthetic full of toxins to build playgrounds for children. James tells Harvey that this claim can ruin his client. Mike is at Harvey's office to tell him about the job offer, but that has to wait, as Harvey wants him to find everything about Kwelling so that he does not jeopardise his client's case.  

Meanwhile, Donna informs Jessica that she saw Charles Van Dyke in the lobby. Jessica finds him looking at the firm's name on the wall. The former owner of the firm comments that Jessica has put a mail room's boy name on the wall.  Dyke is there seeking 30 percent increase in his dividend, which Jessica refuses to give. Dyke hands over a notice to audit the firm's books.

Mike has found dirt on Kwelling. He has a huge amount of debt, after he tanked a cased. Harvey tells Kwelling that his wife left him because of his debt, and now he is coming after his client, with a fabricated claim. Kwelling only has one expert report of possible toxins in the playground and no sick child to show, but he is bargaining from the point of advantage. He tells Harvey and Mike that if report of the lawsuit appears on the morning of the IPO, they very well know what will happen to the stock prices. Harvey agrees to settle the case of a plaintiff. However, Kwelling is seeking million dollars, and drops the hint of more plaintiffs. Harvey does not negotiate further, and tells Mike that Kwelling is a gambler but he does not know he is one, too.

At Harvey's office, Mike gives Harvey details about where Kwelling will gamble that night. He also tells Harvey about his job offer and that Jonathan Sidewell wants to make him an investment banker. Harvey is thoughtful and tells Mike that if it was him, he would take the job offer. According to Harvey, Mike can compete at Sidewell's company like he does at the firm, and with nothing hanging over his head.  When Mike insists on getting Harvey's advice, Harvey advices him to take the job, as he had wanted to stop being a fraud. Harvey tells Mike that he will still be in a major league, just in a different sport.

Later, when Scottie arrives in a mood to have some fun talk with her boy-friend, Harvey snaps at her, saying that he is busy at work and "sometimes at the office, he is working." Donna watches him do that and tells him, after Scottie leaves, that he is angry because Mike is leaving the firm. When Harvey denies that he is angry, Donna says that the he is hurt and the anger covers the hurt.    

Mike cannot make a decision. He seeks more perks from Jonathan. Jonathan sees that Mike has not yet made-up his mind, and says that he will negotiate only if he accepts the job. Mike has to make a decision soon, as Jonathan plans to interview more candidates soon.  Meanwhile, Kwelling loses to Harvey in gambling, and the latter tells the former he does not get lucky, but he makes his own luck. Harvey offers Kwelling $100,000, which is the exact amount as the initial settlement amount, and tells him to take it.     

At home, Rachel tells Mike to take-up the job, as then he will stop living in fear that he will be caught.   

Jessica wants to know from Katrina where Louis is, as he is not answering his phone calls or mails. Katrina makes an excuse. Jessica tells her to ask Louis to find a way to stop Dyke from looking into their books. Katrina approaches Rachel to help Louis, as Louis wants her to cover for him. Rachel agrees to help. The two come-up with -- what they think is an awesome idea -- an idea to keep Dyke out of firm's book. Jessica thinks it is from Louis and she uses it to tell Dyke that he is not entitled to any increase and also he should not receive any dividend. However, Rachel and Katrina missed a fine-print, which puts Dyke in the driver's seat.

Jessica fires Katrina because she figures out Katrina made the blunder, and passed-off her work as Louis'. Katrina does not reveal anything about Louis, as she is still covering for him. Rachel tells the truth to Jessica and tells her that they both do not deserve to get fired because they were looking out for Louis, and Jessica values loyalty. Jessica visits Louis and convinces him to come back to the firm to stop Dyke from seeing their books. Louis sees the work of Katrina and Rachel and says that they were on the right track, and some additions will kill Dyke's claim.

Donna finds Mike in Harvey's office, watching the skyline. She tells Mike that he wants to take the job, but does not want to admit it. Mike reveals that he is taking the job. Donna says that Harvey needs him, which Harvey will never say. Mike wants to take the job, because someone is offering him a way out and not for money. He cares about Harvey, but he also cares about his life with Rachel. Donna sees his point and wants Mike to be the best investment banker that the city has ever seen.

Scottie tells Harvey that he can make Mike stay by asking him to stay, the tactic Harvey had used to make Scottie stay in his life.

Kwelling meets Harvey and brings-up Hessington Oil case, saying that Harvey and his associate, Mike, bribed to settle the case.  He threatens to go the bar and complain about it, if Harvey does not agree to settle for two million dollars. If Kwelling goes to the bar, Harvey fears that Mike's truth will come out and everything will be over.

Harvey wants Mike to contact Lola Jensen, so that she can hack the system of the bar and put his name there.  Mike says that it won't be necessary as he has decided to take the job. Harvey is surprised and hurt to hear that. He does not show his hurt to Mike or asks him to stay. Harvey tells Mike to do something to stop Kwelling, as he quitting won't make a difference. Mike does contact Lola but to access Kwelling's accounts. Harvey gives Mike the chance, his parting-gift, to close it. He wants Mike to knock out the guy as the lawyer for the last time. Kwelling has no other option but to drop the suit, and the IPO wraps-up without any hitch.

Donna finds Harvey in his office, looking grim. However, he does not want to talk about how he is feeling about Mike. He wants to tell the truth to Scottie, as not telling her the truth about Mike is driving him crazy. Donna stops him from doing that by saying that Mike is gone and with him the jeopardy is gone, as well. Also, she doesn't want him to tell the truth to someone who is always looking for a reason to be "pissed at" him.

Mike comes and puts a stop to the conversation. He tells Harvey that he is officially a member of the New York Bar thanks to Lola. Mike says: "I made a mistake. I want to stay." Harvey looks at him with his mouth wide open.

With two frauds in the bag, Mike is set to get exposed soon. Mike has entered a room, with no way out. Harvey has got emotionally attached to Mike, and that is why he suggested that Mike commit another fraud -- get his name on the bar -- to save himself from getting exposed. Harvey came up with the idea and Mike executed it, like a true accomplice.

It will be interesting to see how Harvey saves Mike when he gets caught.  

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