‘Suits’ Season 3 Episode 9: ‘Bad Faith’ Promo [VIDEO]

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"Suits" Season 3 is heading towards its break time, with two more episodes remaining in the first instalment of the season. Episode 9 of "Suits" is called "Bad Faith." It looks like it deals with the repercussions of Jessica (Gina Torres) breaking ties with Darby (Conleth Hill).

In the previous episode, "Endgame," Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley) finally sees the murder trial off her back and Stephen Huntley (Max Beesley) is arrested for the murder of six people.  Jessica takes back the reins of the law firm in her hands and dissolves the merger agreement, with Darby. The promo suggests that Hessington Oil, one of the major clients, has fired Jessica's firm. It is the first of many clients that are likely to ditch her firm as a result of her business divorce with Darby.

Louis (Rick Hoffman) calls it "Littastic" that Jessica and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) are letting him be part of their mission, when Jessica tells him "we're going to be taking their (Darby's firm) clients."

In the promo, one can hear Harvey suggesting to Jessica, "We need to crush him (Darby)" as it seems Darby is calling the shots and fixing the terms. 

We see the return of Scottie (Abigail Spencer) in the upcoming episode. The promo suggests that Harvey meets her for business and not for personal reasons. Harvey and Scottie did not part on a great note once the merger was completed between Darby's firm and Jessica's.   

It is always fun watching Louis going after his British nemesis Nigel (Adam Goldley). It looks like they are going to war in "Bad Faith." Will Louis finally get to keep Nigel's cat?   

Mike (Adam J. Adam) has been a busy man thanks to Ava's murder trial and he has yet to find out that Rachel (Meghan Markle) has got through Columbia Law School. There has been no major scene of Mike and Rachel, together in the last two episodes. It looks like there is a hot, steamy scene coming-up of the lovebirds in "Suits" Episode 9, "Bad Faith."

"Bad Faith" leads to war. It looks like we are going to see two law firms heading toward that after a bad break-up.  

Watch Promo: "Suits" Season 3 Episode 9 "Bad Faith" Promo [VIDEO Source: SuitsonUSA/Youtube.com)

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