Suits Season 3 Episode 6 'The Other Time' Promo/Preview [VIDEO]

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It is throwback time in Suits Season 3 Episode 6, 'The Other Time'. The hit USA Network's legal drama series goes ten years back. At the time, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) was working at the DA's office under Cameron Denis (Gary Cole). Harvey-Donna shippers may finally get to see how the two met and how their bond solidified.

When asked how different Harvey and Donna were back then, Rafferty told The Hollywood Reporter,"their fundamentals are still there. They're not completely different people, but we get a chance to understand why they have the character traits that they do and why their relationship is the way it is. We go to the root of that. But ultimately they're still the same people. They're confident, sort of arrogant, ambitious people but they're not swept up in the high stakes [like] in the present time. Simpler times."

"Gabriel and I had fun playing 10 years in the past for Harvey and Donna," she told The Hollywood Reporter.

As the promo suggests, ten years back Donna had more spunk and Harvey was not at all the brusque-mannered man that he comes across as, today. In Suits' 'The Other Time' preview, he has the air of a rookie. Cameron states 'In 10 years, you could be me." Harvey looks like he is pleased like a punch to hear that and actually wants to be like him. But, as we see now, ten years later, Harvey is a different man. Jessica (Gina Torres) does have a big role to play in that. She is the one who gave him the big leap by making him her right hand man.    

One of the promo scenes suggests that Harvey thinks that Donna (Sarah Rafferty) is into him but Donna being Donna says, "I'm not into you, I'm Donna." We will also get to see the History behind the can-opener.

"We get to meet the can opener! [Donna] has her first moment with the can opener. We go back to the origins. All is not revealed but [the can opener] makes an appearance in the past. Obviously it's been around for a long time," Rafferty said to The Hollywood Reporter.

Suits' Season 2 Episode 7 'Rewind' episode gave a glimpse of how things were five years ago. At the time, Harvey was an associate and Hardman was still the managing partner, while Mike had got kicked out of the school and had met Jenny via Trevor. Unknown to Harvey, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and his path had crossed at the time.

It looks like 10 years back, Mike was all set to enter Harvard but a set-up gambling spoiled that. It is flashback time on Suits this Tuesday.

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