Suits Season 3 Episode 3: 'Unfinished Business' - American Harvey Vs British Harvey and Donna in Middle

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Suits' Season 2 finale saw the merger of a British law firm with Pearson. Pearson-Hardman is now Pearson-Darby and as a result, British characters with their 'uber cool' British accent will be popping-up and popping-out throughout this season. 'British Harvey' is one of them. The creator of the legal drama series, Aaron Korsh, calls him "Darby's fixer." He is likely to unleash his own little storm in the already stormy law firm by flirting with Donna (Sarah Rafferty), the legal secretary and confidante of American Harvey (Gabriel Macht).

"... he (British Harvey) has some interactions with Donna, and they might have some flirtation, which might lead to some feelings on Harvey's behalf," Mr Korsh had told The Hollywood Reporter.

The flirtation may not lead to something but will for sure make American Harvey uncomfortable. 'British Harvey' initiated flirtation may also cause some kind of ramifications within the firm. "They certainly have a flirtation, at the minimum, is what I can say about that, and it causes some ramifications within the firm," Mr Korsh had told TV Line.  

Stephen Huntley (Max Beesley), the 'British Harvey', enters the show this Tuesday. The "Unfinished Business" preview suggests, it does not take him a long time to notice Donna and be his charming best and she is not at all immune to his charms. She is affected and 'American Harvey'' insecurities may surface as a result of that. The season 2 had alluded to a more than a platonic relationship between the two in the past.

The preview of "Unfinished Business" also suggests that British Harvey's sudden, unexpected entry at Pearson-Darby has perturbed a lot people, including Jessica (Gina Torres) and Harvey. They are wary of him and his motive. According to Mr Aaron, American Harvey and British Harvey relationship will start on a wary note but these two might get along as the season progresses.

"In the beginning, Harvey is wary of him. He turns out to be more than meets the eye and, to some degree, wins Harvey over," Mr. Aaron had said to TV Line.

'British Harvey' may score a point over 'American Harvey' but he starts on a disadvantaged note on Tuesday by being called 'British Harvey'. I doubt if anyone will be calling Harvey Spencer 'British Stephen' anytime soon.

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