'Suits' Season 3 Episode 14 RECAP: Heart-Attack and Heart-Break in 'Heartburn' [SPOILERS]

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The day does not end on a same note for everyone. At the end of the day, some are smiling and some are tearful, while some do not know where they stand. The Episode 14 of "Suits" Season 3, "Heartburn," provides a glimpse to the end of the day moments. It is an episode that puts the characters in a tricky situation, making them react and take decisions.

Here is the Recap of Episode 14, "Suits" Season 3: "Heartburn"-

The episode opens with Louis confessing to Sheila, in the bed, that she has changed him. Later, Louis is on the street, dragging his huge suitcase. He calls-up his associate, asking to stall a court proceeding as he is running late. Louis stops a cab but a woman gets into it, before he could reach the cab.   

Harvey steps-off the elevator, with soy caramel latte. Scottie correctly guesses that it is an apology coffee for Scottie, and not the greatest boyfriend coffee.  Donna wants to know what Harvey has done to Scottie, and informs Harvey that Scottie is on her way to Chicago for a disposition. Harvey reveals to Donna that he had made Scottie give a client's case back to Louis. Donna tells him that a coffee isn't going to cut it.

Meanwhile, Rachel is in a thoughtful mood, looking at her law school's exorbitant fees, $200,000. She tells Mike that when Louis had fired her wrongfully, and then had reinstated, she had negotiated her terms of returning to the firm. One of the terms was that the firm will pay her law school education fees. Rachel, however, is now feeling awkward to bring-up the issue. Mike underlines that as a lawyer, she would be required to make a lot of awkward conversions. If she does not talk to Louis, she would have to pay $200,000 over the next three years. Rachel decides to have a quick conversation with Louis.       

At the court, Louis tells the jury that his client didn't do it. However, he is soon rushed to the hospital, as he suffers a heart-attack.  At the firm, Harvey is signing cheques and Jessica brings-up the conversation she had with Mike that he has a glass ceiling (Mike cannot be near the spotlight). Harvey tells that Mike is aware about his glass ceiling. Jessica says that Mike knows, but he didn't know.

Mr Tony Giannopoulos returns in this episode, as his company's high-ranking employee, William Beck, is trying to break his employment contract. William wants to quit as he has some idea about the product line that the company is not implementing. Mike comes-up with a solution -- spinning-off an under-valued company and giving Jonathan to run his own company. Jonathan, who has come with Mr Giannopoulos, finds Mike's solution good.   However, Mr Gianopulous wants William out of the company and orders Mike to come-up with an exit paper-work. Harvey finds Mike's solution good, but does not try to sell it.

Mike questions Harvey why he did not back his idea. Harvey says that he is not going to get his firm fired to protect a guy he does not give a sh** about. Jessica comes to Harvey's office and tells them about Louis' heart-attack. Donna rushes to the hospital, after she gets to know that Louis does not want anyone at the hospital. According to Donna, this means Louis is embarrassed but wants her there.  Jessica tells Mike and Harvey that no clients finds out that Louis had a heart-attack. Harvey stops Jessica from sending Louis flowers, as he is allergic to them.

Rachel is concerned and tearful hearing about Louis' heart-attack. Mike tells her to have a talk with Jessica about the firm paying for her law education, as Louis had promised. Rachel tells Mike that he is not allowed to have a heart-attack. At the hospital, Louis wants to get back to work. Donna tells him to take rest and says that if anything would have happened to him, "Harvey would be a total mess."

Later, Sheila comes to visit him at the hospital, and tells him that if he had died, she would have died, too. Louis gets down on his knee and proposes to Sheila. The proposal comes not because he is afraid to die alone, but it is for the woman he loves. Sheila says yes to his marriage proposal.  

Meanwhile at the firm, Jonathan comes looking for Louis, as he too wants to exit Mr Giannopoulos' company. Mike tells him that he and William are working under the same non-compete. If there is a conflict of interest, as Louis is Jonathan's personal attorney, as well, the firm will side with Mr Giannopoulos. Jonathan wants to know if Mike can help him, without helping him. Mike says sorry at first, but when Jonathan says he will seek someone else and fire Louis, Mike drops a hint about a Michigan court ruling, which established a weak-link in the non-complete. Jonathan uses the hint to his benefit, and Mr Giannopoulos tells Harvey if he does not fix the situation, he is going to fire him.

Harvey demands an explanation from Mike, and tells him that he was never on board and that he knows about the conversation he had with Jessica. Harvey wants Mike to find a way to enforce the contract, the way he found a way to break it.

Mike meets the man who has offered Jonathan an opportunity to run an investment division. Mike tells the man that Jonathan cannot bring with him his developed algorithm, which helps identifies companies right to take-over, as it belongs to Mr Giannopoulos' company.  Mike warns the man that if he uses the algorithm, he will sue his company. Later, Jonathan confronts Mike and says that it took him ten years to develop it, and without it he is nothing. When Mike expresses that he cannot help him off the record, anymore, Jonathan says that because of him, he will be stuck at the same position.   

Jessica tells Rachel that Louis never mentioned about the firm paying-off her law education fees. Since there is no written proof of that and Louis is not there to confirm, Jessica refuses to fund Rachel's law education. Rachel is furious to know that Louis never mentioned to Jessica about his verbal promise on behalf of the firm as its agent.

Louis arrives at the firm and hugs Harvey. He also asks Harvey to be his best-man at his wedding with Sheila.  Later, Rachel goes to meet Louis in his office. Knowing that he is fine, Rachel says that she wants to talk to him about a contracts issue. She talks about her and Louis' verbal agreement, saying that it is a friend's case. Louis tells that the man did what he did because he could do that, and her friend can sue him but she will lose, adding that she should lose as stupidity should not be rewarded. Donna, however, comes-up with a perfect solution.       

Louis and Sheila have their first major disagreement. Sheila is not keen on quitting Harvard and move to New York, while Louis does not want to quit his firm, as he loves working for it. Later at the firm, Jessica welcomes Louis back, with a photo-frame featuring Harvey and the team. Jessica tells that after everything that after everything they have been through, they are family.

Mike knocks at Harvey's door and tells him that he wants to go legit. Harvey says that he cannot go to a law school and get a real degree. Harvey reminds him that he cannot undo anything, as he has already committed the crime. Mike feels stuck, as there is no way up and no way down and he tells Harvey that he cannot live his whole life like that. Harvey tells him that there is only one way, he can go to a small town where no one has heard about Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson. Mike can go to a law school there and be the king of hills, but Mike cannot come back to the mountains. Harvey tells him that he is in the major league and to hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Mike meets Jonathan and gives him a business solution. Jonathan works on his algorithm, every day, because he loves his job. Mike wants him to stop loving his job, which will make Mr Giannopoulos' lose a fortune. Mike is helping Jonathan because he knows how it feels to be trapped.

Equipped with Donna's advice, Rachel asks Jessica to make a new contract with her. Harvey is present as well thanks to Donna's plan. Rachel wants Donna to give her the associate bonus in advance. In return, Rachel offers to work part-time, saying that some associates work as lawyers and she can do that same. When Jessica mentions that she cannot break the precedence again for her, Rachel mentions that it is not the first time she would be doing that, as she paid for Harvey's Harvard education. Harvey confesses that he is exhibit A. Jessica agrees to sign Rachel's prepared contract.

Jonathan informs Mike that Mr Giannopoulos let him go. He offers Mike a job at his new cooperation, not as an in-house legal counsel but as an investment banker. Seeing Mike's reluctance, Jonathan asks him to take his time. He tells Mike that he is a minor league at the firm, and he is giving him the opportunity to play in the major league.

Sheila visits Louis at his office. When Louis tells her he does not want to quit his firm, which is like a family to him, Sheila tells him about his decision to quit Harvard. However, the relationship still does not work-out, as Sheila does not like kids while Louis wants a complete family picture, with kids. Donna sees Sheila crying near the elevator. Rachel is smiling looking at the new contract and later shows it to Mike. Mike is in a thoughtful mood and keeps the job offer letter in his table's drawer. Donna finds Louis hurting. Harvey is working on something and Donna arrives and asks him to call-up Scottie and apologise.

The case was not the highlight of "Heartburn." The episode was less about settling a case, or a finding a loop-hole to bury a client's rival, as it was more about personal stories. It underlined that fraud won't be taking Mike too far in his professional career. Jonathan's job offer has set the base for the conflict in the upcoming episode. Louis was the star of the episode, as he went through different emotions in "Heartburn." The episode began on his heart-attack and ended on his heart-break.  

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