‘Suits’ Season 3 Episode 14 ‘Heartburn’: Donna Asks What Did You do to Scottie, Louis Delayed [VIDEO]

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In episode 14, "Heartburn," one of the major characters has a heart attack in the court. The sneak peek released by USA Network indicates that Louis is likely to be that character. He can be seen going to the court for the closing argument. Another sneak peek shows Harvey stepping off his firm's elevator, with two soy caramel lattes. This sneak peek, which also features Donna, alludes to a friction between Harvey and Scottie, as Donna can be seen asking Harvey, "What did you do to Scottie?"

The sneak peek, featuring Donna and Harvey, suggests that Harvey is unaware that Scottie is on her way to Chicago for a disposition, which is a sign of "not on talking terms." Donna can be seen telling Harvey that the coffee is an apology coffee, and does not agree to Harvey's claim that it is "I'm a great boyfriend coffee." Harvey reveals that he made Scottie give Louis client's case back to Louis.

In the previous episode, Harvey asked Scottie to give back a case to Louis. When Scottie wanted to know if he is asking as a boyfriend or as a named partner, he said that he is asking for the favour as the named partner of the firm. Harvey had no choice, as Louis had asked him to intervene after realising that Scottie had intentionally poached his client's case. Louis had decided not to expose Mike's fraud because of Harvey's talk on being friends. In the previous episode, Louis wanted Harvey to return the favour by convincing Scottie to give back the case. 

As Donna can be seen suggesting in the sneak peek, coffee is not going to make Scottie forgive Harvey. Harvey has to assure Scottie that theirs is a relationship of trust and they are in it as equals. Keeping professional demands out of the personal life will be a great beginning for Harvey.

[Check Harvey and Donna's Conversation Here

The other sneak peek shows that Louis is late for the closing argument. He can be seen ordering someone on the phone to stall the proceedings, without committing any crime. He stops a taxi from a distance, but a woman gets into it. This makes Louis say to the woman that he is going to sue her.


The two sneak peeks indicate that Harvey will be busy calling Scottie, while Louis will arrive at the court huffing-puffing and suffer a heart-attack.  

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