‘Suits’ Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers/Preview: Donna’s Gift Suggestion for Harvey in 'Moot Point' [VIDEOS]

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The Episode 13 of "Suits" Season 3 is titled "Moot Point." If the previous episode was about doing what is right, this new episode looks like is about petty squabbles and showing one-upmanship. Scottie returns in the episode. And, Mike is thinking of giving Harvey a gift to show his gratitude.

The first two episodes of "Suits" Season 3 Second Instalment focused on Louis trying to dig-out truth about Mike's law education and then threatening to expose him. At the end of the previous episode, "Yesterday's Gone," Louis did not expose Mike in front of Harvard's ethics professor, Prof Gerard. It was Harvey who made Louis re-think and save Mike. The episode "Moot Point" is likely to be an interlude before another storm threatens to end Mike's career as well as puts Harvey on a sticky wicket.

The sneak peek of "Moot Point" shows Mike seeking Donna's advice on a gift for Harvey. Donna rattles-off the gifts that he can give to Rachel, Jessica and Louis. However for Harvey, Donna does not have a suggestion, as there is no gift for him. Harvey gets what he wants and he does not get what he doesn't want. Mike can be seen telling Donna that every morning when he steps-off the elevator, he wonders that "this is going to be my last day." The last day did come last week, but Harvey said, "Not today." Mike wants to give Harvey something that shows what that means to him. This little emotional speech makes Donna a little thoughtful, as can be seen in the sneak peek. She can be seen saying, "there is one thing Harvey has been wanting to get for years and he has not been able to." It is too personal, according to Donna, but Mike is eager to know and make it the perfect gift.


Meanwhile, Louis will find a new target, Scottie. The synopsis of the episode suggests that something, perhaps a case, will trigger a fight between Louis and Scottie. Jessica will do her best to keep herself at a distance from this battle. Louis and Scottie's fight is likely to be funny and one can expect these two to hurl legal-lingo grenades at each other.

Also, Harvey's old nemesis will make an appearance. According to the preview of the episode, this nemesis is the one lawyer that Harvey could not beat. Harvey, according to the synopsis, will be taking Mike's help to beat this nemesis in "Moot Point."


Official Synopsis of "Suits" Season 3 Episode 13, "Moot Point": "Harvey goes one-on-one against an old law school rival, with an assist from Mike, while he and Jessica try not to get caught in the crossfire of a battle that erupts between Louis and Scottie."

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