‘Suits’ Season 3 Episode 13 ‘Moot Point’ RECAP: Ramifications of Mike’s Fraud

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The lie, or a fraud, is quite a demanding thing. Also, there are ramifications at every turn if one wants to keep the lie going. In "Moot Point," "Suits" Season 3 Episode 13, Mike realised that there are no rewards, while Harvey's relationship with Scottie stepped on a shaky ground. It all happened because both men want to protect Mike's law education fraud.  

Here is the Recap of "Suits" Season 3 Episode 13, "Moot Point":

Mike presents Rachel a photo-frame, which he got from her father. The photo-frame has a picture of little Rachel, looking like Minnie Mouse. It is Mike's thank you gesture for the new found life, as Rachel played a key role in convincing Louis to not expose Mike. Rachel reminds Mike that Harvey is as much responsible for saving his career, and Mike has to present him a gift, as well. Mike does not know what to present Harvey, as the latter has everything. He seeks Donna's help.

At first Donna says that there is no present for Harvey, as he gets what he wants and what he doesn't want, he doesn't get. She, however, relents and tells Mike what would be a perfect present for Harvey. It is an opportunity to take on A Eliot Stemple, Harvey's old nemesis from the law school. The man had beaten Harvey in mock trials, three times, back in the law school. But, ever since then, he had ducked all the opportunities to take on Harvey in the real court. Mike finds a case, a lawsuit involving two technology companies. The case gives Harvey an opportunity to beat Stemple.

Meanwhile, Louis is late by 10 ten minutes to the firm's internal meeting. He finds that Scottie has taken-over his client's acquisition case. Louis wants his client's case back, and Scottie is no mood to do as asked.  As part of her argument, Scottie throws Louis' written bylaws at him. Louis has no option but to keep quiet in the meeting. However, later, he demands an answer from Jessica. Louis wants to know about the pecking order and whether Scottie has got his client because she is Harvey's girl. Jessica asks Louis to let it go and reminds him about how he creates enemies for himself. She wants him to re-define himself within the firm. Louis lights-up.  He gets an idea to befriend Scottie.

Louis presents Scottie a Paschima, with an offer of friendship. Scottie accepts him as her friend. Now that they are friends, Louis wants Scottie to back-off from the case. He wants his case back. Scottie is not giving him the case back. The two indulge in a war of words and Louis warns Scottie to not go back crying to her boyfriend. Later at his house, Harvey figures out correctly that Scottie picked-up a fight with Louis, intentionally. Scottie did that because she does not want to be seen just as Harvey's girl, but as a competitive professional. Harvey does not want to get into this fight, because he owes one to Louis.

Harvey's old nemesis, Stemple, is a manipulative lawyer and has one or another story to get out of a situation, or get an order in his favour. Mike, however, has done a proper background research on him, and exposes his tricks to attack his excuses, sob-stories and arguments. Soon, Harvey and Mike realise that Stemple is wilier than they had considered him to be.

At the settlement talk, Harvey refuses to take Stemple's settlement offer and Stemple sets a trap for Harvey. He whispers in Harvey's ears that the independent analyst will say what he feeds him. The microphone is on but it does not pick-up Stemple's words. However, Harvey bluffs that Stemple's buying-off the analyst statement was recorded, forcing the analyst to tell the truth. In the court, Stemple twists independent analyst's statement that both the companies' products are of the same quality. He makes it a case of patent infringement, accusing Harvey's client of stealing his client's patent technology. Stemple reveals to Harvey that he had won the mock trial because he had bribed the judge.         

In front of the client, Louis sabotages Scottie's efforts to settle the acquisition issue. Scottie warns Louis that if he does not back-off his place in the bylaw committee will be in danger. Louis is not smiling anymore.

Harvey seeks out Jessica's help to fix Stemple. Jessica tells him to do exactly what Stemple wants him to do -- take-up the settlement offer. Mike arrives with the big information that Stemple was working on the case even before Harvey and Mike's involvement. Thanks to Mike's research work, Harvey finds out Stemple's real intention. For his client, Stemple wants Harvey's client to disclose information about the glue that helps them finish the work much quicker.  It is a case of corporate espionage. Harvey wants Stemple's client to publicly accept the wrong-doing and also pay a huge settlement amount to his client.

Harvey takes Mike out for dinner to celebrate the win. A newspaper is interested in interviewing the person who exposed the big Tech Company. Jessica wants Mike to take his name off the counsel list, because of his real status. Him coming anywhere close to the spotlight can put the firm as well as him in a risky situation. Mike comes home to find furniture of his choice. Rachel wants to celebrate his big win and talks about Harvey giving him a promotion. Mike is thoughtful.

Louis, too, figures out that Scottie has taken his client, intentionally, and set the whole thing up. He wants Harvey to intervene, because if he loses to Scottie, he will lose his tag of meanest, toughest guy in the firm. He will lose everything. Harvey does not want to intervene. But when Louis picks chit over asking as a friend, Harvey has no option but to intervene and pay-back.

At his house, Harvey tells Scottie to give-up, as she can survive but Louis cannot. Harvey does not deny that he wants her to do that, because of what Louis did for him. Scottie wants to know the complete truth, but Harvey cannot talk about it. This makes Scottie feel that they are not ready to share everything with each other.

Scottie wants to know if she is talking to her boyfriend or named partner in the firm, and he cannot have both the ways. Harvey says named partner.

On personal front, Mike and Rachel's relationship is on a solid ground, but Mike's professional life perhaps will never take-off. He is brillianr at what he does, but he is standing on the sand of lie and without a real degree from a real law school, he may never enjoy his successes and celebrate his achievements. In his professional life, Harvey is success story and the new victory adds another star to his already established reputation. But, he brought in a fraud when he hired Mike. In a move to protect Mike and his lie, he has strained his relationship with Scottie. Is there a going back and fixing the wrongs? The next episode may provide some answers along with new conflicts. 

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