‘Suits’ Season 3 Episode 12 ‘Yesterday Gone’ Spoilers/Preview: The Secret is Finally Out [VIDEO]

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"Suits" Season 3 Episode 12 is titled "Yesterday Gone." The preview of the episode suggests that it is Mike's Harvard lie that will be the focus of the episode. In the previous episode, "Buried Secrets," Donna had doused the fire of Louis' suspicion, for some time. The arrival of Mike's transcript ensured that Louis is off Mike's trail. But, the A+ in ethics paper put Louis back on Mike's trail, as the ethics professor at Harvard never gives anyone more than A-.

In the preview, Louis can be seen saying to Mike, "It's over, Mike. You never went to Harvard. I'm going to obliterate any infection threatening my firm." It looks like Harvey also does not know how to stop Louis. Mike fears that the more he is going to deny the more Louis will come after him. Rachel can be seen freaking out in the preview.



The official synopsis of "Yesterday Gone" suggests that something from Jessica's past will also surface, which is capable of throwing her off her game. This must be something big, as it is not easy to rattle Jessica. This might be the case that Harvey needs to settle in the episode along with handling Louis.

"Both Mike and Jessica lean on Harvey for support when things from their respective pasts throw them off their game," according to official synopsis of "Suits" Season 3 Episode 12.

If Louis is not stopped, he may stumble on the truth that Mike never went to any law school. The expose of Mike's fraud is going to have ramifications on each character of the show.

Gabriel Macht's father, Stephen Macht, will make an appearance in this episode. It was reported earlier that the Senior Macht will guest-star as Professor Gerard, the rigid ethics professor. Harvey and Professor Gerard do not have a positive history.

"He [Stephen Macht] plays an integral role in one of the through-line storylines in the back 6 [episodes]," executive producer of "Suits," Aaron Korsh, had said to TVLine. "He does not have a positive history with Harvey Specter. They have a conflictual scene."

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