'Suits' Season 3 Episode 12 RECAP 'Yesterday's Gone': Louis Lets it Go [SPOILERS]

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It is a new day in "Suits" Season 3 Episode 12, "Yesterday's Gone." However, the shadows of the past threaten to sully it. In the episode, Jessica is dealing with a personal loss and is unable to think like her true, professional self and, Louis knows about Mike's fraud, but does not know enough. At the end of the day, it is the question of what is right wins.

Here is the Recap of "Suits" Season 3 Episode 12, "Yesterday's Gone": Mike and Rachel come together to work, discussing the kind of bed they should buy, as it is a new beginning for them. They are about to kiss, but Rachel stops seeing Louis enter the building. Since they are moving in together, Mike does not see the need to keep their relationship a secret. Rachel finds secret fun and sexy.

Meanwhile, Harvey gets for Scottie a really expensive bottle of scotch as present. Donna objects to the present, as she thinks it is too generic. Harvey feels that Donna does not have a problem with the gift, but with the recipient. Donna reminds him that Scottie would not be there if it was not for her. She wants Harvey and Scottie's relationship to work. Donna believes that Harvey will eventually screw-it-up and she is helping delay that as long as possible.

The much awaited talk between Mike and Louis takes place in the men's bathroom. Louis tells Mike that he invited Prof Gerard for a lecture at the firm. Mike does not see a problem till Louis mentions that it is "pretty hard to forget a grade that never happened." Prof Gerard never gives an A + to anyone in his class. Louis tells Mike that he does not believe him. At the lecture, he wants to see if Prof Gerard walks up to Mike and remembers giving him A+. If he does not recognise Mike and if Mike does not come clean, Louis threatens to launch a formal investigation. Louis has made up his mind to expose Mike as an imposter. He tells Mike that he is onto him and will expose him as a lying shit of filth.

Mike tells Harvey about Louis bringing in Prof Gerard for a lecture, because he got A+ in his class. Harvey sees the problem. Mike wants to ensure that Prof Gerard does not come. Harvey points out that it is not going to happen, as the man does not back out of commitment. He calls him a "pompous prick." Harvey wants Mike to sit tight and he decides to tell Jessica about it.

Jessica, however, is dealing with the news of her ex-husband's, Quentin Sainz, death. She tells Harvey that whatever he wants to talk about can wait. Jessica tells Harvey about Quentin's death, and that Lisa, Quentin's wife, is on her way in to discuss the will with them. Quentin has named Jessica and Harvey as co-executives of his estate. Harvey wants to know if Jessica sees it as just business. He pointing out that she does not like Lisa and also that she does not trust her. Harvey suggests that Jessica sit out and he will handle things. Jessica does not want to let her ex-husband down. At the meeting, Lisa mentions that she has accepted an offer to sell the company. This triggers a war of words between Lisa and Jessica, and it gets personal. Harvey stops it by saying that Lisa has a right to sell her shares, but they will be evaluating the offer.     

Rachel wants Mike to deal with the situation before the axe falls on him. Mike decides to come clean and goes to meet Louis. Mike tells him that he never attended Prof Gerard's class and that is why the professor would not recognise him. When that also does not work, Mike comes-up with another lie that he cheated. On the spot, Mike comes-up with a story that he was always a top, A+ student and when he failed in the ethics paper, he could not handle the failure. Mike adds that he went to Prof Gerard's office and used his computer to change his marks to A +. Louis says that he cheated and does not give him any lee-away.

The next day, Rachel visits Louis office and reveals to him that she loves Mike and that they are moving in together. Louis does not see it good enough to let Mike go, as he is not into love with him and it is not about Rachel. Rachel makes him thoughtful by saying that it is about their common love for law, and if Louis exposes Mike, the latter will never be able to practice what he loves.

Louis gives Mike a chance, saying that Rachel made him realise. He asks Mike to come clean to Prof Gerard. If the professor gives Mike a second chance, or not, it is up to him. But, if Mike does not take that chance, Louis says that he will take it. When Harvey comes to know about it, he decides to handle the situation before it is too late. He goes to meet Prof Gerard though he tells Jessica that he is going to meet his brother Marcus.

Jessica goes to meet Lisa at her house. She tells her that the last time that they met, she was an "a**ho**." This time Jessica is in a mood to listen and wants to know why Lisa wants to sell the business. Lisa intention is to see the continued work on the drug and she believes the interested buyer, the drug company, has the resources to do that. Jessica points out that the drug company is working on a similar drug and they might bury Quentin's drug. Jessica and Lisa get on the same page. Jessica's new acquisition condition, however, gets the offer off the table. This makes Tim, the lawyer of Quentin's company, question Quentin's judgement to make Jessica and Harvey co-executors. He announces that he will be putting Jessica under oath.

Harvey has some dirt against Prof Gerard and uses that to cut a deal with him. He asks him to not come to his firm to give the lecture. Prof Gerard does not see the document that Harvey has against him. He tears it off, saying that ethics is about making choices and he is not letting Harvey make one for him.

 Harvey tells Mike that he cannot do anything and that he is no superman. Later, Mike tells Harvey that he did not fail, because they were always playing on a borrowed time. Mike feels that everything is going to come crashing down. He has made his mind to resign and beg Louis to let the whole thing go. Harvey says that he is going with him. Mike says that when his friend Trevor went to Jessica with his secret, he felt betrayed and lost his closest friend in the world. Mike adds that Harvey might not like to admit it but they are friends, and he would not betray his friend.

Harvey makes his final effort to save Mike. He speaks to Louis, reminding him about how Louis once covered-up for him. Harvey did not get fired because of Louis. Harvey tells Louis that he did not sell-out a friend then, but he is doing it now. Louis thinks that Harvey is talking about Mike, but Harvey is suggesting that he and Louis are friends. He wants Louis to forgive Mike, as forgiveness is not about right or wrong. Harvey tells Louis that Mike embodies the spirit of law more than anyone else.    

Jessica takes the oath to testify whether her ex-husband was in a condition to make a decision. Rachel holds Mike's hand as they go inside the firm and face the arrival of Prof Gerard. Jessica tells the court that truth is subjective and much more complicated. He calls her ex-husband an amazing man with an amazing mind, adding that a man's life and legacy are not less important than the letter of law. She says that Quentin trusted her and that she will oversee his best interest. Jessica also says that just because someone cannot check on all the boxes to judge a person's competency, it does not mean that person is not competent. She argues that what the person intents to protect is not the question of law, but is the question of doing what is right. The case is dismissed.

Prof Gerard arrives and Mike goes to meet him. Louis saves Mike by saying that since he did not do a particular assignment he does not get to attend the lecture. He asks Mike to say sorry to Prof Gerard. Louis lets Mike go and does not expose him.  

Donna offers Harvey a present, which is actually a present for Scottie. The present box contains two glasses, with DJS written on them, to go with the bottle expensive bottle of scotch. Harvey discovers that he does not know the middle name of Scottie. Mike and Rachel get out of the office, early and Rachel says, she just wants to go home.

At the end of the day, Harvey and Jessica have their little conversation over drinks. Harvey tells Jessica that there was no Marcus problem. Jessica does not want to hear the real problem that night.

The episode ended on a happy note. It was like the calm after the storm has passed, or one can also see it as the calm before the much bigger storm arrives. Mike is not yet off the chopping block, as his real fraud is something that Louis may never let go.   

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