'Suits' Season 3 Episode 11 Sneak Peek/Spoilers ‘Buried Secrets’: Donna Says Louis Might be Onto Mike

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"Suits" Season 3 is finally back on Thursday, March 06, 2014, with episode 11, titled "Buried Secrets." For Mike Ross, this episode is likely to be a stormy one after a calm interlude, as an enemy from his past re-surfaces. Also, Louis will be mighty suspicious about him, after he did not find Mike's file in Sheila's Harvard cabinet.

The sneak peek of the episode [Watch the Sneak Peek Here] suggests that Louis will first approach Donna to find out the truth. In the sneak peek, Donna can be seen telling Harvey that "Louis might be onto Mike" as Louis has found out that Mike does not have a file in Harvard file room. Also, Louis has discovered that Mike was not on Harvey's original interview list. Donna seems to have handled the situation, but wants to know if they should be doing something more to extinguish the fire of Louis suspicion. Harvey thinks that doing more may make Louis more suspicious. Harvey comes to know about Louis relationship with Sheila. It does not look good for Mike and if he is going down, Harvey will also find himself on a sticky wicket.

Meanwhile, Scottie will be entering Pearson & Specter as an employee. In the sneak peek, Harvey thinks that Scottie working at his firm will not be a problem, and that he has thought it through. However, according to spoilers, Jessica will not be happy seeing Scottie. Harvey had offered Scottie a job without consulting with Jessica. In "Buried Secrets," Jessica and Harvey are set to discuss how they intend to run their firm, together. Also, Harvey will be seen, for the first time, trying to balance his personal and professional lives.

Official Synopsis of "Suits" Season 3 Episode 11, "Buried Secrets": "Suits returned with Harvey struggling to navigate his relationship with Scottie and her hiring at the firm. Mike faces a foe from his past as he fights a current lawsuit and Louis investigates his suspicions about Mike not being a lawyer."  

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