'Suits' Season 3 Episode 11 'Buried Secrets 'RECAP: Rachel, Mike Relationship Solidifies, Louis Set to Expose Mike [SPOILERS]

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"Suits" Season 3 is back with episode 11, titled "Buried Secrets." This episode builds-on the developments of episode 10, "Stay." Mike, Rachel relationship solidifies, while Harvey and Scottie's relationship gets tested. And, Mike's law school fraud keeps Louis busy and his mind occupied. Here is the Recap of the episode:

The episode opens with Rachel talking about moving-in with Mike. She is not keen on taking most of Mike's old furniture to their abode [the one Mike had bought for his grandmother]. At Harvey's place, Scottie is getting ready for her new job. She and Harvey share some fun, morning moment. Harvey has not discussed Scottie's employment offer with Jessica, and that is what he does first thing in the morning.

Jessica questions Harvey about his relationship status with Scottie. He admits that he wants a relationship with Scottie. Jessica demands to know what will happen if they break-up, seeing the complications that may arise in the future. Jessica agrees to most of Scottie's terms. However, she asks Scottie to pay $500,000 upfront as buyout payment, as commitment to her. Scottie complains about Jessica's condition to Harvey and wants to know how serious he is about her. Harvey tells her that he wants her in his life, but is not ready to give her a ring. He, however, assures Scottie that he is serious about her.

Donna tells Harvey that Louis might be onto Mike. Louis had asked Donna why Mike was not in Harvey's original interviewees' list, and why his file was not in Harvard's file room. Donna had handled the questions, effectively but wants to know if they need to do more. Harvey tells Donna that doing more will make Louis more suspicious.    

Mike's old foe, Nick Rinaldi, is back in his life due to a lawsuit against a client. Mike wants to fight the case and not settle. Harvey gives him a go ahead. Mike's parents had died in an accident because of a drunk driver. Rinaldi had represented the driver, and had settled the case by paying-up his grand-mother almost a year's home rent. At the disposition, Rinaldi rattles Mike as the questions remind him about the past. Harvey is present beside him to salvage the situation. Later, Mike tells Rachel that his parents were out to celebrate their first date, and never came back. Rachel helps Mike with the case.

Mike's Harvard transcript arrives in Louis mail. He tells Donna about it. Louis cannot digest that Sheila made a mistake, as she is like a surgeon who sees files as her patients. He decides to tell Sheila about her mistake, but Donna talks him out of it.

Lance Armstrong makes his much awaited appearance in the episode. He is the high-profile client that Harvey had failed to score. Armstrong is not interested in talking to Harvey. Scottie, however, convinces Armstrong to sign-up with Pearson & Specter. It is big client win for the firm. However, Jessica is not convinced about Scottie's commitment. Jessica has her talk with Harvey on how they have to run the firm as number 1 and number 2. She tells Harvey that they may not agree all the time but trust is the key.

Scottie is given a new agreement to sign. She cannot represent any of Pearson & Specter clients, including Armstrong. She signs, but not without complaining about it.

Mike has a solid argument against Rinaldi's client. Rinaldi tells him that he is becoming like him, as he is going after a widow who lost her husband because of a medical malpractice. Mike tells Rinaldi that his client's husband had a couple of drinks before he died, and he should not have been drinking right after his surgery. Mike has a photo posted on Facebook as proof. Mike gets to know that his father also had a couple of drinks at the celebration. This revelation hits him. Later, he offers Rinalia a little way out and tells him about the photo on Facebook, but is not ready to settle the case.                  

Mike comes to his new apartment and sees that Rachel has decorated the living room, with candles. She did not bring Mike's furniture. There is sushi to celebrate their first date that had happened in the study room.

At Harvey's place, Scottie is furious to know that Harvey paid $500, 000 on her behalf. She wants Harvey to be honest with her, and not give lawyer like arguments. They start-off on the honesty path by revealing secrets from their past life.

Louis is checking Mike's transcript and A+ against ethics makes him stop. He calls in one of his junior associates to know if ethics professor at Harvard ever gave anyone A+. The answer is negative. Louis is back to being suspicious about Mike.            

Mike's fraud will be the focus of the upcoming episodes. Since Jessica knows the truth, and Rachel, as well, the revelation is not important as such. But, how Louis discovers the truth, how he reacts, and what he does would make for an interesting final five episodes. 

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