‘Suits’ Renewed for Season 5, Season 4 Mid-Season Finale Synopsis

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USA Network has renewed its popular legal drama series "Suits" for Season 5. The show, starring Gabriel Macht [Harvey Specter] and Patrick J. Adams [Mike Ross], has been raking-in good ratings this summer.

"With some of the best writing on television, and a brilliant ensemble cast, we anticipate a spectacular fifth season for a series that has become a marquee property for USA," Chris McCumber, president of USA Network, said in a statement, adding that the show "continues to fire on all cylinders, delivering provocative storytelling and complex characters that viewers can't get enough of."

"Suits" Season 5, consisting of 16 episodes, is expected to premiere sometime in summer 2015. The show is set to soon air its Season 4 mid-season finale.

Entertainment Weekly reports that so far, an average of around 4 million viewers, including DVR playback, tuned in to watch the current Season 4. The Season 4 opened with Mike and Harvey working in different firms. Mike donned the hat of an investment banker. The two spent the first half of the season fighting with each other to get control of Gillis Industries. Mike returned to where he truly belongs in episode eight but only after getting fired from his new job, as he betrayed the trust of his new boss.

The mid-season finale is titled "This is Rome." According to the official synopsis of the episode, "Harvey and Jessica try to protect the firm from competitors; Louis tries to balance his personal and professional affairs." The scheduled telecast date of mid-season finale is August 20.

The episode 9 of "Suits" Season 4 is titled "Gone." Louis's deal with Charles Forstman has put the firm Pearson & Specter in jeopardy. Sean Cahill, SEC investigator, is set to begin a round of disposition in the new episode, as he continues to investigate the wrong-doings committed by Harvey's firm. The episode 9, according to the synopsis, is likely to reveal professional and personal secrets.        

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