‘Suits’ RECAP Season 4: Louis Resigns Before Harvey Can Say Goodbye In Episode 9, Gone [Spoilers]

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In this Season 4 of "Suits," Louis has been unable to do one thing right. His intentions have been right but his fixing of an issue has led to more trouble. "Gone," episode 9 of "Suits" Season 4, makes Louis pay for the mistakes that he has committed before and in this season. But, he walks out of the firm after fixing the mess that he created and showing the real, corrupt face of Eric Woodall.  A big win to show, but Jessica was not in a mood to forget Louis' past blunders and let him continue his job. The highlight of the episode is Louis' resignation letter.

Here is the Recap of "Suits" Season 4 Episode 9, "Gone":

The episode opens with Harvey finding out from Jessica about Louis' dirty deal with Forstman. As Forstman is involved, Harvey knows there is more to the story. Louis reveals to them that Forstman made him take a million dollars so that he does not turn on him.  Harvey is furious to know that, while Jessica keeps her composure. Once Louis leaves her office, she tells Harvey about her intention to fire Louis after they have tackled Sean Cahill and the SEC.

At Harvey's office, Donna wants to know if Louis broke a law or Forstman made him do it. Harvey does not see any difference and stops Donna from defending Louis, as he has put everyone at the firm in jeopardy. Donna reminds Harvey that he, too, did the same when he hired Mike. She learns from Harvey that Jessica plans to fire Louis.

Later, when Louis wants to know from Donna if Harvey intends to fire him, Donna says that Harvey does not plan to do that. She keeps it to herself that Jessica plans to exactly do that. Afterwards, Donna tries to change the mind of Jessica in the washroom. But, Jessica is firm on her decision and she warns Donna that she may also get fired.

Harvey goes to meet Forstman and asks him to let-off Louis and to fight him. Forstman, however, has no intention to do that, as letting-off Louis means letting-off Harvey. He does not budge even when Harvey threatens to turn him in and find others like him and Louis to build their case against him.

Mike brings an idea to Jessica and Harvey to stop SEC from finding out about Louis' mistake. He suggests that they start their disposition of Sean Cahill at the same time that the SEC investigator plans to start his. Harvey visits Sean Cahill to give him the disposition notice, signed by Judge Hopkins. Jessica wants Malone to find dirt on Woodall and Cahill. He is not happy to see that Jessica is hiding something from him. Jessica assures him that Mike and Harvey did not collude, but does not tell him about Louis' blunder. She tells him, in a firm tone, to get on the job.

Harvey tells Mike to prep Rachel for the disposition, as her name is first on the list. Katrina makes Louis realise that Jessica intends to fire him. He is determined to fix the situation before he gets fired.

At the disposition of Woodall, Harvey and Jessica are well prepared -- thanks to Malone -- and ask him all the right questions.  Woodall feels the heat and before he ends-up blurting out something not required, Sean Cahill stops the disposition. Off-record, Woodall tells Harvey yes to the question that when he picks on someone, he does everything to fix a charge on him, true or not true.

At the court, Jessica arrives to see Louis already there. He is there to help Jessica win against Sean Cahill. But, Jessica does not want to see him and that, too, sitting beside her. She does not mince her words to show her displeasure. Louis quietly goes and sits in the back row. Jessica and Harvey, however, are soon rendered speechless, as Sean Cahill tells the court about Jessica and Malone's relationship status.

Malone finds Louis waiting for him in his office. Louis tells him sorry about misunderstanding him. He reveals to Malone that he knows about his and Jessica's relationship. Louis asks Malone to help him. Malone tells him that he will talk to Jessica about him. Malone is not happy to know that Jessica did not tell him the truth. Jessica reveals to him the reason why she did not tell. She does not want him to lie during the disposition for her. Malone does not want Jessica to lie to him.

Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel are back together at their home. On the first night back together, Rachel tries to make things perfect and it looks like Mike, also, has forgotten all about the kiss. It is while Mike is preparing Rachel for the disposition, the ugly truth surfaces. Mike starts asking uncomfortable questions, which Sean Cahill is unlikely to ask. He wants to know if Rachel slept with Logan after they kissed. Rachel tells him she did not sleep with Logan and she hates herself for kissing him. She can apologise to Mike, every day, for the rest of her life. Rachel wants Mike to believe her when she says he means more to her than anything else. Mike puts a full stop on his questions. The next day, Rachel and Mike admit to each other that they haven't slept well since the kiss episode and its revelation happened. Mike leaves Rachel's office, saying that they can give it a shot that night.  

Rachel does not have to dispose first. Mike and Harvey are called-in first by Sean Cahill. He wants to know from Mike whether he was on good terms with Harvey when he left. Mike does not deny that. Harvey tells him that sometimes brothers' fight and that is why Mike was not his client. Sean Cahill is not buying the brothers' explanation. He wants to know why Mike returned to the firm. Harvey answers that anyone would like to have him. Sean Cahill brings-up the argument that none of the law firms received Mike's resume. Both Mike and Harvey tell him that they did not receive a nickel from the deal and that he can check that. This makes Sean Cahill suspect that, if these two did not receive money, someone else must have got paid.

 Louis sees the transcript of Mike and Harvey's disposition and realises that he is done. He wants to finish what he started and believes that, if he does not do that, Mike and Harvey will be done, too.

Jessica finds out from Sean Cahill that Louis visited SEC to confess. She has gone there to warn him about the consequences of keeping a watch on her, without authorisation. Sean Cahill tells her to go ahead and complain about that, as he would not get more than a wrist on the slap.

Harvey, Mike and Jessica find out from Louis that he never met Sean Cahill. He had a talk with Woodall and he confessed to him, but he did not care about his dirty deal with Forstman. Woodall called Louis a small fish. Mike suggests that it is possible that for some reason Woodall does not want to drag Forstman into the mess. Jessica wants Mike and Harvey to find a link between the two. She ignores Louis. He, however, comes up with the right idea to fix Woodall. Mike finds that Forstman made huge contributions to three senators and these three senators helped in the appointment of Woodall as the head of New York SEC. Harvey does not find the information helpful. Louis suggests that they approach Cahill and ask him to access Woodall's bank accounts, which will reveal the truth about Forstman and Woodall's dirty partnership. It is possible that Cahill and Woodall are not together.

Harvey, Louis and Mike visit Sean Cahill. They give him the evidence of Louis getting the payment from Forstman. They want him to show that to Woodall and see what he has to say. Sean Cahill learns that Louis confessed to Woodall, but the latter did not take him seriously and let him go. Harvey wants Sean Cahill to let go Louis if Woodall is found colluding with Forstman. Woodall arrives, as well.  Sean Cahill wants to access his bank accounts to prove that the charges against him are not true.

Woodall calls his friend's suggestion ridiculous. He is not giving access to his bank accounts, which confirms that allegations against him are true. Sean Cahill wants a word with Woodall. Harvey tells Woodall not to call him when he needs a good lawyer.

Back at the firm, Harvey is unable to convince Jessica to not fire Louis. He wants to be the one who fires Louis. Harvey wants to say goodbye to Louis and not like Jessica deliver the message that his services are no longer required.

Donna tells Harvey that the firm is the only place Louis has. She joins him to say goodbye to Louis but he is not in his office. There is a resignation letter waiting for them. It talks about how it is the time to judge himself and not wait to see how others judge him. In the resignation letter, Louis reveals that the firm is the only place he ever worked and it is the only place that he ever wanted to work. He calls the firm his home and his colleagues his family members. Louis also writes in his letter than he admires and respects Harvey and Jessica the most, and understands why their names are on the wall, and why his name is not there.  

Louis ends the letter saying, "Please take care of my home."

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