Suits RECAP Season 4 Episode 5: Harvey Says He is Donna’s Fan in Pound of Flesh [Spoilers]

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The scenes between Louis and Donna are the highlight of "Pound of Flesh," episode 5 of "Suits" Season 4. Also, one gets to see Harvey being there for Mike and the two bonding, once again. The takeover battle, however, is still not over. And, Harvey may not be a fan of Shakespeare but he tells Donna that he is Donna's fan. 

Here is the Recap of "Suits" Season 4 Episode 5, "Pound of Flesh":

The phone call wakes-up Rachel. She does not take the call, seeing Logan Sanders name. Rachel sees that it is little past nine in the morning and realises that Mike had turned the alarm off.  Mike wants her to take a day off, as she has been over-working herself at the firm, and there is law school, as well. Rachel cannot afford a day off and asks Mike if Harvey ever gave him an easy time and a day off, and if not, then she, too, doesn't want one.

Harvey is at court, watching Sean Cahill winning a case. Once the proceedings are over, Harvey approaches Cahill and tells him to stop bothering his clients to turn on him. He accuses him of bullying them to give things up against him. Cahill retorts that it is something that Harvey will do. Also, he tells Harvey he may have guessed his plan but he has no clue about where and when. Harvey reminds Cahill that he got Woodall fired, and he may very well put him on the same career path, too. Cahill is not backing-out.

Meanwhile, Mike still has to figure out a way to make Harvey back-off so that he would not need Forstman's money.  Amy realises that Mike is using the idea of Forstman's money to cut a deal. Harvey cannot use the money at his disposal and buy stock shares, as the TRO still has to expire. The news of a company that intends to merge two of its funds has caught the attention of Mike. Mike believes that this company will be selling its stocks in Gillis' Industries because of its investment perimeters. It is time to find out if Harvey will go for it.

Mike tells Harvey to walk-away, as he is going to lose. He makes an offer to Harvey to make Logan Sanders go away. Harvey rejects the cheque and he does not feel the need to run it through Sanders. He calls out Mike's bluff. He correctly guesses that Mike has not yet used Frostman's money and is just using the promise of cash to gain leverage against Harvey.      

Harvey does not give Rachel any break. He bites her head-off for asking for a day-off. Jessica takes-up the responsibility of putting Malone on the task of finding a way out to get the company's shares despite the TRO. Malone finds Jessica's suggested idea illegal but Jessica tells him that he needs to find a way out and create a trust fund to get the shares. Later, Malone comes with another idea, which is questionable but not outright illegal. He wants the firm to buy the shares on behalf of Logan, but without telling him about it.   

Meanwhile in the copy room, Donna catches Louis hearing her rehearse her lines for Shakespeare's play "Merchant of Venice." She is playing Portia in the play. It is a meaty role and Donna has yet to memorise 500 lines. Donna is nervous and not her confident-self. The play opens that night. Louis helps her prepare for the role. Donna reveals to him about her family background and that after her father lost his business, she had to struggle a lot and that she was a good actress. She also reveals to him that her middle name is Roberta. Louis tells her that she has never been more beautiful, talented and perfect than that moment.   

Louis, too, opens up and tells her about his two disaster performances on the stage when he was a school kid. Both the times, the audience laughed at him and the second time, he was so affected that he peed on the stage. Donna comes back the next day with the news that she got two ovations for her performance. She also drops the news that an actor hurt himself and she encourages Louis to play the role. Right before the play is to start, Louis is gripped with stage-fright. It takes some harsh pep-taking from Donna to make Louis step on the stage to perform.    

At Mike's firm, Amy informs Mike that Columbia University called and Rachel has been taken to hospital. Mike rushes to the hospital, but he is unable to see her, as she has been sedated and is sleeping. Harvey is there, as well. He wants to take Mike to a steak house, which is right in front of the hospital, for dinner. Mike is surprised, as there is an auction of the shares in some hours. Harvey informs him that he has postponed that.

Mike realises that it is the first time that Harvey has taken him out to a steak house for dinner. Harvey admits that he is there because he feels guilty of not giving Rachel a day off and also he knew that Mike needed something to take his mind off. Harvey shows him Louis's picture to cheer him up. Louis is all dressed-up to play the role. Mike says that he shouldn't been laughing at Louis, as he has still not forgiven him for using Sheila against him. Harvey says that Mike was way over the line, but he did what he needed to do and calls Mike's plan harsh but brilliant. Mike tells that he too realises that what Harvey revealed to Gillis about his past was what he had to do.

When the two former colleagues come outside, Cahill arrives and accuses them of colluding. He also informs Mike that a shell company bought the shares at the auction. Both Harvey and Mike are shocked to learn that. Harvey tells Mike to trust him and that he will fix the whole thing. Jessica is the one who bought the shares using the shell company created a year ago. She is not ready to make any concession because of what Harvey promised Mike, as a client's interest comes first.

 Afterwards, Harvey meets Mike again and tells him that this is not what he wanted. He admits that he made the mistake of not believing in Mike when he first came over with the take-over proposal. He regrets that and if could go back and change it, he would. But, he cannot now and tells Mike to do what he has to do. 

Louis gets great reviews for his performance. He, however, announces his retirement after one performance, as he does not want to see the audience as the jury. He is the audience. However, he soon finds out that the actor never hurt himself. It was Donna's idea to help him deal with his recent disappointing time. Louis is grateful.

Mike visits Forstman and tells him that he does not need his money, and that he cannot cut out his partner. Forstman tells him that he saw through his plans and approached Sidwell, and made a deal with him.

At her work-table, a bouquet is waiting for Rachel, with a get well soon note. It is from Logan Sanders. After reading the message, Rachel becomes pensive. At the hospital, Rachel saw a dream that shocked her. She saw that Logan is proposing marriage to her. She refused and when Logan wanted to know why, she said, "because you'll always be a fraud." The face that she saw in her dream state after saying that is of Mike, asking "how can you say that to me."

It is the end of a day, and Harvey is waiting for Donna, with a bouquet, to take her in his car to see her final day performance. He says that he is Donna's fan. 

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