'Suits' RECAP Season 4 Episode 3: Harvey, Mike Continue to be at Odds with Each Other in Two in the Knees

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Rachel comes home all tired. Before crashing on the bed, she answers a few of Mike questions, including who was the one who ended the relationship, she or Logan. Rachel says that she was the one who ended the relationship. Mike also wants to know if Rachel loved Logan. She says she did love him, but she no longer loves him and says, "I love you" to Mike.

Donna and Mike meet outside the firm. They talk about Harvey. Donna tells Mike that Harvey has found master tapes of his father's solo album and he is working on miming them. Mike sees this as Donna trying to humanise Harvey as she is afraid what the fight might do to him. Donna fears that Harvey and Mike may end-up like Frazier and Ali. The two boxers were just like brothers and then they had three toe-to-toe battles and Frazier went to the grave hating Ali.

Donna corrects Mike that she is not boxing fan, but Harvey's fan. Mike tells Donna that he is also Harvey's fan and that is why he is giving him the best.  At the firm, Logan wants to know from Rachel if she is okay, as he is no longer caught up in emotional things like in the past and would be going after Mike.

Logan is not happy about how Mike made a come-back by funding the pension fund. He is eager to see a knock out game from Harvey and wants him to hit Mike below the belt.  Logan tells Harvey that if he is incapable of going after his surrogate son then he would do that.  He tells Harvey to dig-up dirt on Mike and splash it in the next day's paper.

Afterward, Mike enters a restaurant to stop Harvey from arm-twisting a banker. Harvey wants the banker to stop line of credit to Gillis' company. Harvey threatens the banker that if he does not do as asked, he would ask his clients to quit the bank, making him lose millions of dollars. Mike makes Harvey back out by telling the banker that if he stops line of credit, he would go to the grand jury.

Logan is not pleased to see Mike still standing strong.  Also, he does not see Mike's news in the newspaper, either. Logan tells Harvey that he is going to hire a private investigator and find the skeletons in Mike's cupboard.

Donna tells Harvey to warn Mike and ensure that someone's life is not ruined. Harvey is not going to warn somebody who is on the other side. He meets Gillis to stop Mike.  

Harvey tells Gillis about Mike's drug related past. He also reveals to him that the day he interviewed him, he had arrived with a suitcase full of marijuana. When Gillis demands to know the truth from Mike, Mike does not have an answer. Seeing that what Harvey told him was the truth, Gillis tells Mike that they are done. After Gillis leaves, an angry and hurt Mike tells Amy to dig-up all the dirt on Logan.

Mike visits Harvey's office and demands to know why he told Gillis about his past. The meeting between the two ends on a heated exchange of words. The two argue about why Mike left the firm. Mike tells Harvey that he is unable to see that he could do better, without him. Harvey reminds Mike that he made him, and without him he is nothing. Mike gets away with the parting shot when he tells Harvey that he has his father's master tapes.  

Donna is guilty that she is the one who mentioned about the tapes to Mike. Shortly afterward, Donna tells Harvey that he is an ass**** for telling Gillis about Mike's past.  Harvey approaches Rachel and asks her to convince Mike to back-out. If he does not, Logan is going to find out all about Mike and publish his truth in the newspaper. Rachel enters her apartment and finds Mike going through some documents. They contain all the information about Logan, including his divorce trial. A hurt Mike wants to know why she lied to him that she was the one who ended the affair when her disposition at the trial says that it is Logan who called it quits first.  

Rachel reveals to Mike that Logan had proposed marriage and she said no and three months later, he had asked her to help so that he could get back with his wife. She tells Mike that she loves him and not Logan.  The next day, Rachel knocks at Logan's door. She remembers what had happened the last time she had come to visit him. It is not a pleasant memory, as she had heard Logan telling his wife that he cannot have an affair with a paralegal. Rachel tells Logan to stop going after Mike and trying to find dirt on him, as he owes her. Logan later visits Mike's office and tells him that he is no longer going after him and when Mike insists on knowing why, he tells him that because he cares about Rachel.           

Mike gets 30 seconds from Gillis to explain himself.  He tells Gillis that he is going to save his company, with him or without him and that he bought 2 percent share in his company. Mike is unable to convince Gillis to believe in him.

Rachel gives the master tapes to Harvey. She also tells him that she stopped Logan from digging-up dirt on Mike.

Meanwhile, Louis thinks that Jeff Malone is gay. He tells Donna that Malone has fallen for him. Later, he tells Malone that he likes him but not in that sort of way. Malone does not correct him, as he wants to see Jessica back on a case with him. After Jessica and Malone find some evidence to settle a case, the two have big smiles and Malone is about to kiss Jessica. But, she stops him, as she does not want anyone to know about their relationship. She feels that it will jeopardise her position as the partner of the firm.

When Louis figures out that Malone was lying to get Jessica's attention and not his, he is hurt to know that Malone used him to get close to Jessica. He tells Malone that he wanted them to be friends and wanted him to genuinely like him, without any hidden agenda. Malone does not tell him the truth about him and Jessica.

Later, Malone informs Jessica that six subpoenas are arriving from SEC the next morning for six of the firm's clients. A worried Jessica wants Malone to get to work.     

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