'Suits' RECAP Season 4 Episode 10 [Mid-Season Finale]: Louis Finds Out About Mike's Truth In This Is Rome [SPOILERS]

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When "Suits" returned to air the final six episodes of Season 3, earlier this year, Mike's Harvard law education fraud was one of the main conflicts of those episodes. Louis tried to dig out the dirt on Mike after he did not find his file in Sheila's Harvard file cabinet. Harvey and Mike managed to clear the suspicion of Louis and stopped him from finding out the truth. Donna stopped him from confirming with Sheila. In the final moments of "Suits" Season 4 episode 10, "This is Rome," Louis has finally figured out that Mike never went to Harvard. The mid-season final season ended on a brilliant twist that no one saw coming.   

Here is the Recap of "Suits" Season 4 Episode 10 "This is Rome":

The out of work Louis approaches Harvey and asks him to give him three of the clients that he brought to the firm. It is bloodbath out there and without bringing in some business, Louis is unlikely to get a job. The sub-laws, which Louis himself wrote, do not allow that. Louis wants Harvey to convince Jessica to give him three clients. Harvey is doubtful if Jessica will agree to do that, but for Louis, he gives it a try. Jessica remains true to her character and refuses, as she is not ready to open a floodgate by doing that. But, she is ready to call-up anyone and give a glowing recommendation.   Jessica, however, gives Katrina a second chance despite knowing that she knew about Louis' mistake and helped him to cover-up. She has some work for Katrina.

Louis resigned and walked away without taking any of his stuff. It was a hurried departure. Rachel and Mike are putting his things in a box while the name Louis Litt is being scratched off from his office door. Meanwhile, Harvey has got Louis a job in Cincinnati at Procter & Gamble. Louis, however, wants to be in New York, calling it "This is Rome" and Harvey and himself as gladiators. Louis tells Jessica that he does not need her recommendations, but needs three clients. He warns her that he is going to take them away so she better strap them. Katrina informs Louis that she has contacted his old clients [Jessica's work for her] and he cannot now poach them. Katrina is sorry about that.

Mike makes Harvey come down to his office. He is worried that things may change in a blink of an eye for him, as well. Also, Jessica is not happy about his return. Mike wants Harvey to give him the biggest problem that he has got. Harvey talks about the merger of a pharmaceutical company with another. Mike identifies that the merger is not a problem but it will lead to problem with Harvey's client, Versalife.    

Meanwhile, Donna suggests to Harvey that he finds a job for Louis in Boston. At the shooting range, Donna tells Louis to go to Boston and that Sheila may see it as a sign of love, not a sign of weakness. Louis lands in Boston and before appearing for his job interview, he goes to meet Sheila. He tells her that he is there to take her back, and that he loves her and wants them to be, together. Sheila wants to know why he never called and also brings-up the topic of why they broke-up in the first place [because he wanted to have kids]. When Louis tells her about how he had decided to be with her and cut down on his work, Sheila stumps him by saying but he did not do that. She asks him to go.

Harvey is furious that Louis did not appear for the interview. Donna figures out the reason and she decides to visit Louis, as he would need her. Mike, however, wants to go, with the box containing Louis' stuff, and be there for him. He tells Donna that Louis gave up the chance to be with Sheila for him, and that is likely the reason why Sheila and Louis's relationship did not work out this time.

Louis lets Mike in but is not in a mood to talk, or hear his talk of gratitude. Mike sticks around and wants to know the story behind the key that he found among his stuff. Louis asks him to stop asking questions about things, as he already knows the answers. Later, he wants Mike to leave him alone.

Mike goes to Rachel's father, Robert Zane, with the request to hire Louis. He gives him a file containing record of Louis' 15 years of service. Mike manages to convince Mr Zane to take Louis in. At home, Rachel tells Mike that her father would not hire Louis, without getting something in return. Louis soon comes to know that. He sits in front of Mr Zane, with the understanding that he would not have to bring a business to get the job. But, he soon realises that Rachel's father is like Jessica. Mr Zane offers Louis the designation of senior partner if he brings him one client.

Louis succeeds in poaching Versalife, as Katrina decides to keep quiet about Louis' move. If Louis gets the job at Mr Zane's firm, she wants to join him there. An email alerts Harvey about what is going to happen. Harvey reaches his client's office, but it is late. Louis has snatched away the client from him.

Jessica blames Mike for what happened. She is sure that it is Mike who must have given Louis the needed help to poach the client, as he owes him for bringing him back. Harvey tells her that Mike would never do that. He goes to have a talk with Mike. Mike tells him that he approached Mr Zane to give a job to Louis. But, that is it. He has a solution to get back the client, but he is looking for another. The first involves getting in touch with Walter Gillis.

Harvey and Mike meet Gillis. The man is not ready to listen to their offer -- to buy a division of Versalife. Gillis accuses Mike of using his dead son to get his things started. Harvey tells him that it is he who used his son, not Mike, to get control of his company. Harvey tells Gillis that Mike had every intention of saving his company and when it comes to caring about people, Mike is twice the man that he is.  Mike and Harvey manage to convince him.

Mike visits Louis to personally tell him that Versalife is no longer his client. He tries to pep-up a dejected Louis. Mike again mentions that Louis tell him the story about the key. Louis tells Mike he can see what he is trying to do, but it is not the right time. Harvey goes to meet Mr Zane and tells him to hire Louis and in return he will owe him one. He calls Louis his family.

Jessica tells Mike that every time she thinks there is no upside to having him around and he does something nice. Jessica tells him that he earned the right to celebrate. Mike tells Jessica that what Katrina did, Harvey would have done the same for her. Jessica gives Katrina two options, either she resigns or she will fire her.  Katrina picks the resignation route and later breakdowns.

Harvey and Mike are celebrating at a restaurant and there is a friendly banter going on between them. Back at the firm, Donna finds Louis sitting in the office. She wants to know why he is there. Louis tells her that Mike did not know about Order of the Coif key. At first, he saw Mike's questions about the key as his attempt to divert his attention. At the end of the episode, Louis realises that Mike wanted to know the story because he has no clue about the key and its importance. Louis has figured out that Mike never went to Harvard. He found no picture of Mike in the year book and that his address was still New York at the time he was supposed to be studying at Harvard.  

Louis reminds Donna how she had stopped him from asking Sheila.  He wants to know how Donna could do that to him, as he saw her as a friend. When Louis picks-up the phone to call Sheila, Donna admits that Mike never went to Harvard.

Donna calls-up Jessica and tell her that Louis knows. Louis tells Jessica that she could cover-up for Harvey, but not for him. Louis screams at Jessica and wants to hear that she regrets and say sorry. Jessica is not apologising and she is sure that Louis is not calling the cops. Jessica wants to know what Louis really wants.

Louis wants his name on the wall -- Pearson Specter Litt. 

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