Suits : Recap of Season-3 Premiere Episode


Legal drama 'Suits' returned with a new season on Wednesday.  The premiere episode of season 3 opened with a nightmare and thankfully it was a nightmare. One would have squirmed watching for real an agreeable, understanding Harvey Spencer all okay with the merger of Pearson with Darby and easily forgiving Mike Ross and Jessica Pearson after the events of Season 2 finale.

In the second season's finale, Mike betrayed Harvey to save his own skin. Harvey's once upon a time mentor Jessica asked him to learn his "goddamn place" and used Mike to win against him. Pushed into a corner, Harvey agreed to the merger between Pearson and British law firm headed by Darby. In addition to giving-up his claim on putting his name on the board, he gave his word to stay in the firm and extend his non-compete agreement. And, Mike finally revealed to Rachel that he is a fraud.

The first episode, 'The Arrangement', started two days after the dramatic events.  As Louis put it, Harvey is no longer the superman and the firm's board now has the name Pearson-Darby. It does not take too long for Jessica to figure out that Darby will be the one who will call the shots.

Harvey's negotiation with a client's nemesis through bluffing makes Jessica say it aloud, that he wants to fail so that he gets fired. He does want to get fired and strikes a deal with Darby when the latter wants Harvey to settle bribery charges against Ava Hessington, a honcho of an oil firm. She is someone very important to Darby. The deal, the tearing-up of the non-compete agreement and getting fired; though by the end of the episode, Harvey wants to strike a new deal.   

Mike is having nightmares that Rachel will disclose his secret in front of all. Rachel isn't sure about Mike and wants him to come clean, and quit the firm. It comes as a surprise that their ice of conflict dissolves pretty quickly after Mike follows "honesty is the best policy" and reveals to her all the details from the beginning. He is rewarded and they both end-up having a romp in Rachel's bed.

Jessica has given Mike a new office but Harvey is no longer his mentor and blocks all his reconciliation attempts. Mike tries to build the broken bridge by trying to help him on Hessington's case but it's a futile attempt. "Loyalty" is what Harvey expected from him and he failed to show that by not going to him when Jessica threatened him -- but opting to betray.  The hurt is quite visible and the second episode may ease the tension between the two as Mike has given-up his office and wants to take the chance of winning back Harvey's trust.

Louis loses all his associates to his nemesis Nigel after the latter sets-him up by throwing the quartermaster bait.  Donna is as loyal as ever to Harvey and the high on drama episode had a comic moment when she made Louis act like a caricature of Hitler, unbeknownst to him.

The next episode promises to heighten the conflict in the show as by the end of the episode Harvey no longer wants to quit but wants to take down Jessica. He is in Darby's office striking a new deal, "I win, you don't fire me. You back me for managing partner."

The case of Ava Hessington is likely to play out next week and we can hope for signs of reconciliation between Harvey and Mike. 

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