Suits 3 Episode 5 : 'Shadow of A Doubt' Promo/Preview & Louis Litt Tweets a Funny Video [VIDEOS]

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Suits Season 3 is turning out to be one of the best seasons and Suits 3 Episode 5, 'Shadow of a Doubt', promo suggests that we are in for an exciting episode, again. In Suits 3 Episode 4, 'Conflict of Interest', Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley) got ousted from her own company before Harvey (Gabriel Macht) could help her avoid the situation. Darby (Conleth Hill) and Jessica (Gina Torres) found out that they are partners heading for a major-showdown, as both want to assert their authority. The only person who was having the best, steamy time was Donna (Sarah Rafferty). She got herself a charming piece of meat. 

The preview of "Shadow of Doubt" alludes to Harvey finally suspecting that Donna is not being normal, lately and there must be a good reason (read man) behind that. His legal secretary cum confidante is not in her seat during lunch break. The excuse is a dentist appointment but she is actually out for a quick romp with Stephen Huntley (Max Beesley). The brief, casual arrangement between the two is turning out to be more hot than expected.

It is going to be a one million dollar scene when Harvey finds out about the temporary arrangement and the man. The look on his face would be priceless. Max as Stephen Huntley has added oodles of witty charm to this hit USA Network's drama series.

Ava's murder trial is not yet over and we get to see a glimpse of Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole), which is not good news. Harvey now believes that Ava is innocent and she did not do it, and which is likely to make him pull out all the stops to see that she does not lose the trial. Also, he must win the case if he wants to become the managing partner of Darby-Pearson. One can hear Stephen telling him, "as long as you win the murder trial, you'll be the next managing partner."  

The promo states if you want to win the game- change the rules. That is why probably we see Harvey seeking out Jessica's help as her name is still out on the board, which is quite ironic.

'British Harvey' gets the closing lines in the 'Shadow of a Doubt' promo, " ... how you dig her own grave."

The merger and the betrayal of Season 2 finale seem to have uplifted the show to another level. 

Rick Hoffman, aka Louis of Suits, tweeted a funny video. It is a nightmare of Mike (Patrick J. Adams): his girl Rachel (Meghan Markle) and Louis are having a passionate conversation, which the English speaking audience may not understand as it's in Spanish. Their conversation ends on a passionate kiss. What if the nightmare turns out to be true? 

Check out the Video and according to a poster on You Tube, "they are reenacting the scene between her and mike when he confessed that he was a fraud"

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