Subway Spokesperson Jared Fogel Death Hoax: The Man Who Lost Weight By Eating Subway is Alive and Kicking

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Jared Fogel the spokesperson of Subway fast food chain fans were petrified when his death hoax went rampant on social media. A fake website (via Hollywoodlife) claimed that, "Jared S. Fogel, best known as the spokesman for Subway sandwich shop "The Subway Guy" Born December 1st, 1977 -- Died yesterday at 4:43pm EST."

The Web site even claimed that Fogel was eating his last sandwich before his death. Soon after the death hoax spread in social media, Fogel took to Twitter to announce his wellbeing.

Fogel wrote, "Every few months always odd to hear of my demise..However,  I am indeed alive and well..thanks for all the concern.  In NYC today."

From Fogel's tweet it could be garnered that he was not perturbed by his death news.  Rather he took the joke in his stride.

Fogel rose to fame when he lost all his weight by eating subway sandwiches.

After Fogel's death went viral on the web many users took to Twitter to express their concerns on such unsympathetic jokes:

One of the Twitter users wrote, "Sandwich artists nationwide frantically calling each other in disbelief...that foot long subs can be just $5. #RIPSubwayJared,"

"Why the hell is #RIPSubwayJared trending? He's not actually dead! #smh," tweeted another.

Added another, "Don't worry, Subway Jared's death is as fictional as the idea that Subway is an anyway healthy. #RIPSubwayJared."

Wrote another user, "How many times is social media going to kill the poor Subway man? #RIPSubwayJared.

In the last few weeks there are a plethora of celebrities who have become victim of death hoax. The list of celebs include Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo Di Caprio, Michael Schumacher, Mark Calaway and Macaulay Carson Culkin.

Let us know what do you think about death hoaxes becoming the order of the day. Do you think the joke is extremely sensitive and a wrong way to garner publicity? 

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