Stunning Vancouver City Captured in Time-Lapse Video

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Stunning Vancouver City Captured in Time-Lapse Video

TimeLapseHD, a production company based in Vancouver, produced a stunning time-lapse video of the city. The time-lapse video was prepared with more than 50,000 videos from all over Vancouver. The images were captured not only during day time but during the night hours as well. It must have involved a high level of patience to spend so much time on capturing such a time-lapse video.

Time lapse is a method of photography when the frame rate of the captured film is much lower than the frame rate of the video to be watched. When a video with a slower frame rate is played with a higher frame rate' it gives a 'fast-forward' look in the video. That is why the 'time lapse' appears in the video.

If a video is captured at a normal frame rate (24fps for film, 25/30 fps for video) and then it is played at 50/60fps, the video moves in double speed. Generally, time-lapse videos are used to depict longer changes in a shorter time. For example, one usual example of a time lapse video can be capturing the sun rise. One can start capturing the eastern part of the sky one hour before the sun rise and continue until one hour after. This means that the video will have at least 2 hours of footage. Now, if the 2-hour long footage is shown in 2 minutes or less, it shows the sun popping in to the dark sky and making everything bright around in a 'fast forward' manner.

The time-lapse video by Timelapse HD is called Vancouver City 2. It took more than 6 months and over 50,000 images to complete the stunning time-lapse video. The 5-minute video shows important landmarks in the city such as the Gastown Steam Clock, Canada Place and BC Place Stadium. The high resolution images captured by Nikon Digital SLR cameras make the video look extraordinary.

Here is the video uploaded by the company on YouTube. Make sure you choose a high definition (at least 480p) to enjoy the best capability of the video quality.

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