Study Reveals 1 in 4 Britons Admit to Being Unfaithful in Their Relationships

1 in 3 Men and 1 in 5 Women Have Confessed to Having More Than 10 Sexual Partners
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Latest sex survey reveals that Britons no longer take relationships seriously, with nearly one in four surveyed confessing that they have had affairs and been disloyal to their partners in the past. The statistics were released by the charity Relate in a report called The Way We Are Now which documents the state of the UK's relationships in 2014.

The survey found that nearly one-fourth of the Britons have had an affair, and a fifth of men and women confessed that they felt prone to cheating. Those who believed a relationship would sustain in the long term even after an affair were only a few, about one third.

Even an analysis of their sex life revealed that not everyone were sexually content. Most of the people were not sexually satisfied; hence, they sought different partners.  One in five women and one in three men confessed to having more than 10 sexual partners.

This, however, is not the first report to bring to light the infidelity rates among British couples. In 2010, a similar report that analysed relationships and sexual lives of the Britons revealed the same results. The rates were higher back then, with one in three couples admitting to be unfaithful.

The report stated, "Changes in attitudes towards separation and divorce may mean that it's now easier to leave an unhappy relationship rather than be unfaithful." On the brighter side, there were nearly 60 per cent who stated that they never had an affair neither did they feel an urge to cheat in their life time.

On observation, majority of those who had confessed of having multiple sex partners were found to belong to particular age groups. The urge to be with multiple sexual partners was highest among those between 35 and 44 years of age. More than 20 percent of them reported they had bedded 20 or more people.

It is not all dull and hopeless as the report also provides the other part of the story with nearly one in 10 surveyed stating that they have never had a sexual partner and a fifth claiming to have been involved with just one person, sexually, all their lives.

 The report read, "When it comes to our sex lives, it seems that we're a nation divided - around half of those surveyed are fairly or very satisfied with their sex lives but for a significant minority, experience falls short of expectations."

It also spoke of need for practical sexual advice, specifying that though people have sources such as the internet, T.V and magazine, they are still lost when it comes to seeking sexual advices. "Our survey found that many people don't know where to go to get practical advice or who to talk to about problems in their sex life.'

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