'Stressed Out' Khloe Kardashian Could Succumb to Depression - Reports

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Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian sits courtside before the Los Angeles Lakers play the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of their NBA Western Conference semi-final basketball playoff in Los Angeles, California May 2, 2011. REUTERS/LUCY NICHOLSON

Looks can be deceiving, at least when it comes to the Kardashian sisters. Kim recently admitted marriage to Kanye West is not a bed of roses and she feels neglected, and yet all her pictures showed her having a picture-perfect life. Khloe Kardashian is the same. She may look like a million-dollar Barbie all day every day, having a blast partying all the time with French Montana or having yacht parties with her friends and family regularly, but a new report says she's close to snapping. Left alone, she just might end up diagnosed with depression.

Radar Online reports that Khloe's best defense against depression is to surround herself with friends and family.  "Khloe needs to be around friends at all times," an insider shared to the celebrity news site. "She just can't be alone right now."

After making an appearance on the Angie Martinez show on July 24 with her sister Kourtney, Khloe and boyfriend French Montana went out for dinner with 15 of their closest friends.

Despite the façade of being confident and in-control, Radar Online claims Khloe just need people around more than ever because being alone with her thoughts can be detrimental. "She's "stressed out," shares the insider. "She just doesn't want to deal with any of her 'bullsh*t' problems."

Khloe can be said to be the most sensitive of the sisters. She's the most affected with what is happening to Rob for one. While Kim has given up on their little brother, Khloe cannot stop caring and worrying about Rob's condition.

 "I just feel like he needs to be around the family," Kardashian shared to her friend Malika Haqq about her little brother, who is currently undergoing depression and binge eating, not to mention using drugs and abusing alcohol.

Moreover, even though she has already moved on from French Montana, Khloe is still bound to feel nostalgic over what she and Lamar shared. After all, they were married for four years and even had a reality show together!

The pressure is so great that it is taking a huge toll on Khloe. Leaving her alone just might pushed her off the edge.

 "The way I was living is not a way to live!" said Khloe through a video  posted on MTV.com. "I kept in hiding every time there was something going on. I would have to lie, or conceal, or cover up, and I'm so over it!"

Some speculated that Khloe is even drowning out all her sorrows through drinking.

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