Strange Objects in the Sky: Bullet-Shaped UFOs, Florida Clouds -- Secret Sydney Planes, or UFOs? [PHOTO, VIDEO]

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What strange object have you seen in the skies lately?

For those who believe in UFOs, this is how it typically goes: you see a strange looking cloud in the sky, you definitely take a photo. For the more serious observers, they fix some high tech cameras and patiently wait for something strange to happen. And then they film their strange sightings. These things happened in Florida in the U.S. and in Sydney, Australia, recently.

UFO or Spaceship Cloud in Florida?

Here is an example of a person who took a photo of his strange sighting, hoping to find some answers later.

He then e-mails Scott Waring, a popular UFO observer who owns

"We were taking a walk through the hills with some friends when this giant disk cloud appeared from over the hill. It looks like a UFO and I have never seen anything like this before. It moved slowly and made no sound, if its a UFO, its trying to look like a cloud. The bottom was fluffily like a jellyfish, the top smooth like a ceramic bowl. It was about 400-500 meters across. Has anyone else reported this?"

Disc-Shaped Cloud in Florida (Image:

Disc-Shaped Cloud in Florida (Closer Look)

Does the cloud look strange to you?

Bullet -Shaped UFOs in Sydney? [VIDEO]

Laszlo Novak, a self-proclaimed UFO hunter uploaded a 22-minute video on YouTube (username colourufo) showing a bullet-shaped strange flying object over Sydney last Sunday. reported this same footage. Watch until the end to see how the bullet-shaped object fly across the sky in erratic motion.

"Aside from observers on the ground, a nearby pilot spotted the UFOs near Queensland, Australia," the Examiner reported.

What do you think about these strange flying objects? Have you spotted anything UFO-like lately?

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