Stoke City Beats Arsenal in the Premier League

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It seems Arsène Wenger just could not believe his eyes on Saturday at the Britannia Stadium Arsenal his team faced a shameful defeat to Stoke City with the score 1-0. The Arsenal fans could not believe their eyes and Wenger referred this loss a "massive setback". The goal took place from a penalty shot by Jonathan Walters.

With this match, Arsenal trails by four points behind Chelsea and Southampton. Wenger ruled out any fact accepting the loss. He claimed Arsenal did not play their full potential, and it is indeed a serious matter to worry losing a game like this just out of the blues. 

Walters, though having a reputation as a penalty kick looser, ended up nicely in this game, leading the team to the victory.

One Nil to the Rugby Team hummed Stoke City supporters, and it totally shunned the mouth of Arsenal lovers. 

Right from the start, Stoke City was physically aggressive. Wenger, at the end of the game, pointed to a possible foul on Olivier Giroud at the second-half of the game which the match referee dismissed duly. He further mentioned that Arsenal did not put the right tactics needed to win this game. 

As of now, Arsenal has cut a sorry figure as they won on only one game out of eight matches played in this league. Stokes, on the other hand, is confident as they have also beaten Manchester United and Chelsea and a draw with Manchester City this season. With this win, Stokes scored six points, slowly ascending to the chart summit.

The first half of the game did not show much spirit as both teams could not generate much opportunity except few occasional chances and a foul play between Glenn Whelan and Giroud which rather went a bit nasty.  At the second half of the game, The Stokes kept their aggressive feat but Peter Crouch missed two major chances which could have led Arsenal fume more in shame. Yaya Sanogo - a substitute of Arsenal replacing Wilshere at the 85th minute - also failed to materialise a sure goal which further led to the catastrophe. 

Wenger also fumed with the penalty decision when Koscieleny was fouled for handball right after 15 minutes of the second half. The Stokes on the other hand has nothing to lose! Manager Mark Hughes mentioned that for the last few years he found it difficult in Britannia Stadium and has no complaints but well wishes and accolades to his team for this valiant win in this  crucial game.

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