Stock at its Cheapest: Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL), An Excellent Time to Be a Shareholder

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Analysts at Motley Fool said that there can be no other best time to be an Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL) shareholder but today. The stock is at its cheapest and with the forthcoming takeaways, it can deliver its shareholders as new product offerings were announced to be coming very soon. New product lines had been confirmed by CEO Tim Cook through the Wall Street Journal.

As a rule of the thumb, dividends make shareholders rich. Dividends may not bring a drastic growth for stocks, but dividends implied that a company will less likely to collapse. Dividends may work slowly, but in a long run compounding effect of quarterly payouts bring cash to those who invested - in the case for Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL).

"No matter what valuation metrics you use,  Apple (NASDAQ AAPL)  is significantly cheaper than most  in the S&P 500 today," Daniel Sparks of Motley Fool wrote.

Long-time Apple analyst  Katy Huberty from Morgan  Stanley was singing the same tune. She said that an iWatch, with an average selling price of $300, can acquire $17.5 billion sales in its first years - amounting to 10 per cent of Apple's 12 month revenue. How much can investors earn through time is left for the investors to imagine.

Carl Icahn, before dropping his $50 billion buyback programme, was bullish about the rumoured Apple television.

"With 238 million TVs sold globally in 2012, it would not surprise us if Apple could sell 25 million new Apple ultra high definition televisions at $1,600 per unit, especially when considering both its track record of introducing best in class products and its market share in smartphones and tablets. At a gross margin of 37.7%, which would be consistent with that of the overall company, such a debut would add $40 billion of revenues and $15 billion to operating income annually."

Meanwhile, Apple Inc real-time stock quote as published by NASDAQ.COM on Feb 11 is at $536.01, up by 1.32 per cent; previous close at $528.99; today's high at $537.75, today's low at $529.5; 52 weeks high at $575.1358, 52 week's low at $385.10.

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