Stinking Surprise: Turd Cake Sent by Angry Kiwi Baker to Customer's Party Shocks Guests

By @reissasu on

An angry baker in New Zealand sent a poo-shaped cake to a customer with the message "Eat sh*t."  The customer was shocked and of course, not happy with the cake.

Emma McDonald, the baker who created the poo cake "masterpiece" has refused to apologise to the 24-year-old customer Micaela Harris. A relative of Ms Harris had placed an order with Oh Cakes, a business run by the Kiwi baker, for an engagement cake.

However, due to the negative behaviour of the customer, Ms McDonald decided to vent her frustration by creating a cake shaped like a turd. She sent the poo cake on Dec. 20 along with an"eat sh*t" message stuck on top like a flag.

A text from the one who ordered the cake read that they saw the cake at the engagement party and were "absolutely disgusted". The poo cake may have made a "stinking" impression at a party with almost a hundred guests in attendace.

According to the Herald, the customer was annoyed at Ms Mcdonald for rescheduling a meeting. On the other side of the argument, Ms McDonald said the client had not given enough details about the cake's requirements.

Ms McDonald's post on Facebook read: "Give me some ideas?? Oh wait you have none apart from wanting chocolate. I have a brilliant idea for your cake!!! - so here it is, your turd cake! Hope you learn your lesson."

Upon sending the cake, the baker from New Zealand had no remorse for her actions. Ms McDonald believes the customer had gotten "what she deserved".

The poo cake incident has even reached Mayor Tim Shadbolt of Invercargill, New Zealand. He thus expressed disappointment and remarked the cake must have been done with humour in mind but turned out to be "terribly wrong."

After receiving scathing remarks and criticisms on her Facebook post, Ms McDonald explained she was giving away cakes and clothes to the less fortunate. She said she only gave someone a piece of her mind and people think badly of it. 

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