Still Sticking to Windows XP? Good News: Upgrade Now And Get $50 Worth of Free Stuff


Windows XP will bite the dust this April. Microsoft has already sent out countless warnings to XP users, letting them know that the support will end on April 8.

If you are still happy with Windows XP and you are not bothered about the security threat of umpteen new malwares infecting your system once the OS is orphaned, Microsoft is not giving up on you.  It has glazed the deal with $50 worth of free stuff. But you'll have to buy a new computer with Windows 8.1. Apparently, Microsoft is trying to strike a win-win deal.

According to BGR, Microsoft has announced an XP user who buys any of 16 different Windows 8.1 machines will get a $50 gift certificate to the Microsoft Store. But the good news is that some of the machines that are part of the deal are really affordable.

Samples of these machines are:

- ASUS VivoBook X200CA-9BCT Touchscreen Laptop sells for $279.

- Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet (32 GB) costs only $229.

So What is Being Offered to Users?

Microsoft said the deal will last until April 30 or until supplies last. By taking advantage of the deal, you will also get a "free premium phone, chat and sales support for virtually anything you need" on your new Windows 8.1 machine for the first 90 days. MS has also partnered with Laplink, a data migration company, to help users make a hassle-free transfer of personal photos, videos, music and files for free.

If you're trying to upgrade from Windows XP and you are ready to migrate to Windows 8.1 (and not Windows 7) or you are a potential PC buyer, this sounds like a beneficial deal. The offer applies to any PC purchase through the Microsoft Store.

Have you migrated already? If not, will this sweet deal from MS make any difference?

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