Still NO Word from Robert Pattinson after Kristen Stewart’s Appearance at The Oscars [PHOTOS]

Kristen Stewart has Reportedly Been Upset and Depressed after her Post-Oscars Appearance in Crutches


Millions of Tween fans could be crying with Kristen Stewart following reports that the Twilight star has been “totally upset and depressed” with no word from Robert Pattinson after appearance at this year’s The Oscars. The star, who impressed everyone at the Academy Awards for being brave without Robert has allegedly been waiting for her beau’s call (even text) but none came. To her chagrin.

While Kristen was hobbling her way to The Oscars red carpet fashion photoline and onto the Academy Awards stage, her English beau was pictured having a laugh with an Australian he met at a restaurant.

A photo of the actor emerged on the web wearing a big smile while putting his arms around an Australian waitress. The caption that went with the much-sought photo confirmed that it was indeed taken on the same day Kristen was making her way to The Oscars (2013) with no Robert around her arms but a pair of beautiful gray crutches.

louannlynch: "Just a casual Monday sesh. #robertpattinson #lovedmyhair #mademeblush #tookhisorder #gavehimgarlicbread #wetight #bff #XXXX #luckygirl #luckyguy #sadhisgone #hadconnection #mustbelove #hastag #somuchtosay #robo #pattsy #therover."

Reports came that Robert failed to give Kristen a call (even a single text) during the highly-watched Hollywood event because the hunk boyfriend was busy filming for “The Rover.”

A day before the Oscars, the IBTimes-AU found out that the “Bel Ami, “ star took a break from work for the drama film and had gone checking out arts at Australia’s Adelaide Fringe, an annual open-access arts festival currently ongoing in Australia.

A fan tweeted: “Here's u rumour: Robert Pattinson takes a break from filming The Rover to check out @lordsofluxury at the @adelaide_fringe #theymustbegood.”

On the same day however, Kristen was attending the pre-Oscars rehearsals at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood Los Angeles California. She was reported already limping then. And Robert’s warm and loving arms could have been there to support her for the big day.

The actor is still two weeks away from finishing the scheduled production for “The Rover” now filming at the southern part in Australia. Co-starring Guy Pearce, the film has Robert as the guy to help Pearce take back his pricely-possession in story - -his car.

Once Robert is done with his mission to help Pearce get his car back from a group of gangsters, let’s just hope that he flies back to Kristen in their LA home. The two have been separated for almost a month now and only the technology has been helping them bridge the gap that separating them.

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