Still No Nexus 6 as Moto X+1 Release Date Likely on Aug-Sept 2014 with 5 Confirmed Features

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As the Nexus 6 release date sounds more elusive, its rumoured alter ego, the Moto X+1, is likely to become a reality in the few months ahead, based on new reports pointing to the device's key specs and features.

Blog site TK Tech News posted images of the upcoming that Motorola has previously flagged will touch down in late summer of 2014. There were also talks that the Moto X+1, aka as Moto X2, is a strong candidate to become the Nexus 6 base-model.

But in recent months, the prospect of the Android world getting the Nexus 5 sequel appears to lose traction as Google reportedly will replace its hardware business with the more high-end and powerful Android Silver device project.

So with the Nexus 6 possibly not appearing this year, Android fans turn their attention on the next best thing, the Moto X+1 that according to Motorola will behave as close as possible to a native Android gadget and more.

And that 'more' is the subject of the TK Tech News report.

A 1080p AMOLED Android smartphone

One of the leaked specs that excite Motorola and Android fans alike is the likelihood that the next Moto X build will sport a display panel with 1080p resolution, which matches that of the Nexus 5 screen pixels and more than good enough for pure Android lovers as the package includes AMOLED display technology.

RAM provision

There was no mention of CPU and GPU specs for the Moto X+1 in the TK Tech report but the device's processing chip is said to tap on up to 2GB of RAM, making for a powerful and speedy performing of tasks while basically equalling the random access memory found on rival high-end mobile phones.

Spacious internal memory

TK Tech also claimed that the Moto X successor will hit the shelves in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage configurations with all the variants coming out of the box toting a microSD expansion slot for additional memory accommodation, which is an option not available to Nexus buyers.

Camera upgrade

Nothing specific was given but the same report mention of bump ups in the Moto X+1 camera department. The safe bet would be a 13MP main shooter paired with a 2MP front-facing cam that beat both the Nexus 5 and the first Moto X then measure with most of the upscale Android smartphone brands.

Latest Android on board?

The TK Tech New report, pointing to its anonymous source, has indicated that the Moto X+1 release date is likely between August and September 2014, positioning the device to run on Android 4.5 or 5.0, which many believe Google will unveil through its I/O Developers Conference this late June and deploy in the immediate weeks to follow.

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