Steven Soderbergh's 'Pseudonyms' Score Emmy 2013 Nominations


It is the season of pseudonyms. Crime thriller Cuckoo's Calling's author Robert Galbraith turned out to be a pseudonym of Harry Potter series author, J.K. Rowling. Now, there are two fictitious names in the Emmy Awards 2013 nomination list, too. Editor Mary Ann Bernard and cinematographer Peter Andrews, both are aliases of the very much real director, Steven Soderbergh.

HBO's Liberace biopic 'Behind the Candelabra' scored the most nominations in the miniseries or movie category, with 15 and its director is the most nominated individual at this year's Emmy, with 3. The Wrap TV reports that only one of the nominations, the one for the outstanding director in miniseries or movie category, is under his real name.

This is not the first that Mr Soderbergh has worn the cloak of a fictitious name for his work on his films. The Oscar-winning director has used Peter Andrews and Mary Ann Bernard quite a number of times in the past, including on movies 'Side Effects', 'Magic Mike' and 'Haywire'. He often uses Andrews for his work as a cinematographer and Bernard for his work as a film editor.   

Both the 'not' his real names are based on his parent's name, according to The Wrap TV. Peter Andrews is his father's first two names and Mary Ann Bernard is his mother's maiden name.   

Mary Ann Bernard has earned a nomination for outstanding single-camera editing for miniseries or movie, while Peter Andrew gets the nod for outstanding cinematography for miniseries or movie.

Mr Soderbergh first used Peter Andrews as a pseudonym on the movie 'Traffic' when Writers Guild struck down his proposed credit 'Photographed and Directed by Steven Soderbergh' as that would have been against the rule 'no credit can appear between the writer and director credit'.  Mary Ann Bernard was born as his alias when he faced the same problem with editor credit on the movie 'Solaris'.  And, he has also used the pseudonym Sam Lowry to take writer's credit.

This year's much talked about drama movie 'Behind the Candelabra' chronicles last ten years of Władziu Valentino Liberace's life. Michael Douglas plays the role of Liberace in the movie, while Matt Damon is Scott Thorson, with whom the American vocalist and pianist allegedly had a romance relationship and in 1981, Thorton had filed a $113 million lawsuit against Liberace. Both the actors have also received Emmy 2013 nominations.

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