Steve Wozniak: Humans will soon surrender to machines

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has seen so much stunning technological advances that he believes a day will come when computers and humans become virtually equal but with machines having a slight advantage on intelligence.

Speaking at a business summit held at the Gold Coast on Friday, the once co-equal of Steve Jobs in Apple Computers told his Australian audience that the world is nearing the likelihood that computer brains will equal the cerebral prowess of humans.

When that time comes, Wozniak said that humans will generally withdraw into a life where they will be pampered into a system almost perfected by machines, serving their whims and effectively reducing the average men and women into human pets.

Widely regarded as one of the innovators of personal computing with his works on putting together the initial hardware offerings of Apple, Wozniak declared to his audience that "we're already creating the superior beings, I think we lost the battle to the machines long ago."

Humans, according to computer wizard are destined to live a future that is dominated by an easy way of life, thanks mostly to the machines they created, which according to him will definitely reach the true artificial intelligence level

And that will happen in his lifetime, Wozniak insisted as he explained that "every time we create new technology we're creating stuff to do the work we used to do and we're making ourselves less meaningful, less relevant."

Soon enough, the once impossible 'Singularity' will set in and by that time, machines and humans will share not only the ability to think and analyze but also will be motivated by some semblance of human emotions, such as the ability to be motivated.

Wozniak impressed on his audience the powerful leap that computers have made since the early days of men like him, who back in the 1960s and 1970s were struggling on the thought of piecing together a personal computer that could aid man on his everyday tasks.

Not only did that machine was realized, Wozniak stressed that the little gadgets that we use regularly, such as smartphones and tablets, can almost meet the daily computing requirements of their owners.

As if foreboding a warning, Wozniak issued reminders that "once we have machines doing our high-level thinking, there's so little need for ourselves and you can't ever undo it ... you can never turn them off."


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